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Dragon quest

Ivarstead, small quiet village settled at the basin of the Throat of the World. After a hard day of hunting dear I retire to the tavern and listen to some refreshing sounds and some mead.

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Waterfall leading to Cave.

I awoke early the next morning ready to set out on the sun rise. Setting foot back out on to the open road north along the basin of the throat of the world following a stream, Walking through a lush meadow of tall grass and oak forest towering above me I hear sounds of fast flowing water. As I leisurely stroll making my way to the sound of water I stumble in to a group of butterflies hovering above some daisies. At last i reach what appears to be a large towering waterfall with a small lake situated at the bottom with a small island in the middle. I swam out to the island overlooking the waterfall and the surrounding area and notice a small cave tucked away just below the waterfall. Jordis and I decided to go in and explore the cave. Damp, wet and smell of blood wafted through the air as we entered, the sound of cave bears fighting in the distance. Skull
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Cavern of Mist

and bones lined the entrance as we made our way further in to this cavern. Coming round a corner we come across 3 sleeping bears Jordis sneaks up behind on and slits its throat while i set a trap for one and slits the other ones throat in its sleep. Jordis and I drive our blades into the 3rd bear, as it exhales its final breath I sheath my sword glad with the outcome and prize of their pelts. We made our way in to the last room of the cavern where a beautiful waterfall and lush trees awaited with a fresh water and stream leading to a shallow pool of water surrounded by trees and moss. The air now fresh with an oak scent and a relaxing sound of trickling water flowing to the pool. Jordis and I hardly believing our luck with our find, deciding to turn this cave in to our new dwelling for the time being while we continue to explore the surrounding area.

We rested in the cave for the night stocking up on fresh water and bear meat. At first light we set off heading further north until we came across Black River, Black River is a fast flowing river which we had to cross I went first the force of the rushing water slamming hard on my armor as i carefully place my feet on the stony ground. I made it to the other side drenched dripping in icy cold water with the breeze freezing my armor. Jordis turn to cross, She starts cross with the rivers unrelenting force continuing its assault on us. While Jordis crosses the river i begin to search for kindling to start a small fire to get us warm. As I search nearby less rocky out coves for twigs i hear people talking just behind some rocks. I sneak up behind the rocks to see 2 bandits set up camp, tents pitched and with leather armor. Not wanting a confrontation I sneak away without coursing any attention to myself. I return just as Jordis has reached the northern shore, setting up the fire to get warm. We rested here for 2 hours getting dry and eating some fresh bear meat be for we set off again to a north eastern fort which from what we have heard has been taken over by the silver hand. We reached the fort 2 hours later hidden in the forest nearby as to not to be seen by the sentries patrolling the borders. Jordis and I draw our bows ready to stealthily take out the guards; I slung 2 arrows as we unleashed a rain of arrows striking the first 2 guards. First one in the leg and chest, he dropped to the ground as the poison on the tips of the arrows take effect. The second Jordis nailed in the head, straight through the left eye. we advance on the fort with only 2 guards remaining still unaware to our presences. We take our places and draw our bows once more, once again killing the guards with ease with both having our arrows going straight through their chests. Having the surrounding area now controlled by us we prepared our self’s to enter the fort were we know more of the Silver Hand await but lucky they have no knowledge of us. We enter the fort charging through killing everyone in sight 6 Silver Hand members in the main room as we came through. Jordis taking out 2 of them slicing their heads clean off, as I entered the fort I came running down the steps stabbing the first one in the stomach to my left then as another took a swing at me I raise my shield just in time as he continues to bash his sword against shield. He begins to tire I push my shield against his sword making him stumble and I thrust my ebony sword in to his stomach as he spits blood on me. I begin to engage the other 2 using a dragon shout engulfing them in flames as they burn to death. Once all of the Silver Hand had been dealt with we made our way to the master chambers where the leader of this fort is held up. As we enter the main chamber the leader comes out of the shadows dressed in steel armor, I commanded Jordis to hold back and use her bow from a distance as i engage him. I charged in shield held hard as I smash my shield against him knocking him back as an arrow comes swishing past me to strike him in the leg. He starts his counter attack battering hard against my shield, coursing me to be unable to attack as i hear another arrow come flying past my head striking the Silver Hand in the chest blood now seeping out of his armor as he grow weak. Now he begins to tire as I lift my shield and start to swing my sword. He parries twice be for I drive my blade between his collar bone and neck blood now spraying on to my face now able to feel the warmth of it. We have succeeded, the fort now cleared of the Silver Hand and the imperial legion now about to reclaim it. As a storm came in from the east Jordis and I decide to set up camp inside the fort until morning feeling as we deserved a break after a long day.

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Silver Hand fort.

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The fort.

We awake at mid day resting longer then intended, our destination Windhelm. Setting of Jordis and I continued along our path leading north east, while traveling along the path which followed the Darkwater River we ran across a bear which was not so friendly with ease Jordis cut it down and skinned it clean. Having stopped for a brief snack after dealing with the bear
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we set off once more now heading north as we traveled the sun finally coming out of the misty clouds and giving us full sun light which quickly heated up our armor making our pace that we could travel a little slower. Continuing north we got sight of a little fishing shack we decide to go explore and stock up on our water supply. Lucky for us Jordis found a shallow path across Darkwater River we could cross. We found the shack empty and deserted with nothing but a bed and a camp fire. We had about 3 good hours left of good sun light so I took this time to get some fresh water and catch some fresh fish as we could see them in the river next to us. After catching 5 fish myself and Jordis catching 7 I got the camp fire going and cooked up some tasty fish. That night while laying out the bed rolls there was the most amazing aurora, a beautiful shade of blue and purple I could think of nothing else more fantastic to end this great day and i drift off to sleep.

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Fishing Shack.

Aurora borealis


I awake to rays of light beaming through the ceiling rafts, rubbing my dry eyes sleepily. I arise getting my armor on and sheathing my sword, as Jordis awakes putting some fresh fish on the fire for breakfast. We are not far
Windhelm front.


from Windhelm now could a short walk away, as Jordis and I quickly finish off our breakfast we prepare to embark. We head straight north following the path leading by Kynesgrove. As Windhelm finally comes in to view the weather turn foul, icely cold with hammering snow coming in from the east. Approaching the gates into Windhelm the guards greet us commenting on the foul weather, at last we have made it to Windhelm.

Lucky for Jordis and I we have a house here as I long ago earned the title of Thane of Windhelm. I stop off to get some fresh meet on our way to Hjerim my home. It's good to be home again as i enter Hjerim, the smell of the pine wood gracing our return. Jordis goes to light the fire as i head upstairs to store a few gems I had been caring. As I come back down I summon Jordis as we must go to the palace to discuss the current affairs with Brunwulk Free-Winter Jarl of Windhelm, He recently replaced Ulfic Stormcloak after the impirials captured Windhelm. As we approached the grand hall the smell of mead whiffed our way, the memories of the great mead hall return.

Walking up to Brunwulf Free-Winter's throne he welcomes us with open arms and quickly orders a maiden to fetch us some mead. We sat at a great large table in the center of the room with the Jarl and his advisers while enjoying the finest mead and meat in all of Skyrim. After long hours of discussing our travel from Aivarstead we talked about how the rebels are raiding supply caravans between Windhelm and Whiterun to the west. Brunwulf then added about a fort to the north west which is controlled by the Stormcloak's and how we must take it back, he wanted Jordis and I to go recapture it and bring those Stormcloak's to justice. Of course Jordis and I were more than happy to deal with it as Brunwulf always pays well.

At the conclusion of the night’s events Jordis and I returned to Hjerim after a successful night of talks and drinking. Retiring to a nice warm bed being able to think about the adventures ahead was just want i needed, falling to sleep almost instantly.


jarl Windhelm.

I awake as the sun just starts to come over to mountains looking out my rooms window, snow covered roof tops and snowing as always. Coming down stairs I smell something delicious coming from the fire place, there’s Jordis standing over the fire with a pot of stew. Nothing better than a warm meal be for setting off into the wilderness. After breakfast we suited up strapping on out armor and equipment, opening the door to Windhelm I receive a cold shiver up my spine as the freezing cool air wisps down my back and in through my armor. Wanting to get warm we set of to the gates leading to our path west. As we set off we discuss if it would be worth our while investergating some ruins to the west called Raldbthar, Brunwulf mentioned it last night stating that some bandits had set up a camp inside the ruins and it might be worthwhile clearing them out.

Windhelm look back


As we reach Anga's Mill to the west of Windhelm we decide to go to the ruins, in order for use to get there we must cross the river Yorgrim. We continued along the path until we came to a waterfall where there was shallow water and some rocks for us to walk across. The weather now really getting rather harsh we hurried to find the ruins. In the distance I could see smoke rising from behind a hill on the basin of the Throat Of The World, as we got closers we could recognize the ruins. The ruins were of Dwemer design that much was clear; as we got closer we could make out 3 sentries all bandits just as Brunwulf had said. The Dwemer ruin is a large one with an entrance on top of a cliff with stair leading up to the front gate, at the entrance were the 3 bandits making it easy for us to sneak up the stair undetected. As the bandits sit around the fire warming their icy cold finger Jordis and I draw and arrow ready to fire, as we both release our arrows I begin to charge in Sheathing my bow on my back
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and drawing my sword. The bandit is quick to get up and ready for a fight, raising his sword and shield as i brush behind him sticking his shield. Jordis comes in from behind while I have the bandit’s attention and cuts both arms, the bandit dropping his shield as I come back in for another strike slashing open his stomach. The bandit collapsing to his knees grasping for air as I drive my blade into his cold chest piercing his heart he rolls over sideways blood trickling out into a pool beside the crackling fire.

My armor now blood stained as we get ready to enter Raldbthar, Jordis enjoying the warm of the fire with the dead bandit laying motionless next to her. On entering the ruins we are welcomed by the smell of bland air, the smell of age and time. As we quietly sneak down the hall way some bed rolls come in to view with 5 or so bandits sleeping with 1 awake sitting on a stool next to a fire and a cooking stove. I give the order to Jordis to shoot and arrow in to his head so we can silently finish of the other bandit. Raising her bow and string an arrow she fires with precision and accuracy hitting the bandit fair in the head falling forward in to the fire, luckily not waking the other bandits. As i sneak round to my first victim to slit his throat. Jordis does the same, silently we cut the first two bandits as they bleed out we move on to the other two. Crouching up behind my next victim I accidently knock him as he spins around i drive my blade into his chest, but not quick enough as he lets out a yell and sounds the other two bandits to out presence. Jordis quickly nailing the first bandit with an arrow straight in the head, the other charging her and I rush to string and arrow to my bow. I let one fly hissing towards him it strikes the bandit in the leg as he stumbles to get back up and continue his charge as i string another arrow, this time striking him in the chest. The last bandit now writhing in pain on the floor coughing up blood as he slowly bleeds to death.

Having killed all the bandits in Raldbthar and looting their corpses making a small bit of gold Jordis and I decide to continue to head deeper into Raldbthar knowing that there is still some old Dwemer guards still active and when there’s guards there’s treasure. Entering the next room we could see the ruins here had taken a bit more damage from time more so then the rest we had seen with pillar’s collapsed through the hall and pieces of ceiling fallen onto the ground. Being careful not to make any sound we carefully pressed forward, in the distance the sounds of machinery and the hissing of compressed gasses. After of about ten minutes of walking and the sounds growing louder we turn a corner to see a mechanical body on top of a sphere, a head with built out eyes and arms that extended which could turn into a weapon. As i order Jordis to lay a fire trap made out of oil as I get ready to enage. I fire an arrow and the machine as i run back around the comer with Jordis while switching for my shield and sword as we hear a massive explosion from Jordis trap going off. Spinning around i see the Dwemer sphere emerging from the smoke, i stand my ground with Jordis doing the same as it sped towards us. I begin to charge shield raise and Jordis beside me, the Jordis breaks off and sweeps wide around the right. The Dwemer smashing hard into my shield creating sparks, the machine now really hammering hard on my shield. Jordis slams it hard just above the sypher where its body attachs on, as it rolls to the side I jam my sword as hard as i can down what I believe it to be its throat as black oil spurts out greasing my sword. It moves away in defense as it gets ready to attack again, befor it could do so Jordis comes flying in thrusting her blade into its chest area as it begins to smoke up fall apart into pieces. As we found what it was guarding, a lavish amount of gold and some glass swords which would make a fine addition to my collecting back in Windhelm. As Jordis and i collect our prize we collect our self’s for in the back of the room there is a door leading to a chamber from what i could make out of the Dwemer writing "The Deep Market".

The door to the market leads to a underground cavern, a large open area with a winding path to get down. The ceiling old and need of repairs with water falling through cracks leading to the surface. Unsure of what awaited us here we moved slowly. We could see movement on another ledge where our path would lead us, it looked like the Falmer. The Famler are said to be a lost and distance race of Snow Elves whom over centuries of living in caves and underground areas have digressed making them severely blind but their other senses highly improved. Jordis and I knew these creatures where hard to kill so we both and to shoot one at a time to get them down. We got out bows out and arrows ready waiting for the creature to come back in view, as he come around the pillar we unleashed launching 2 arrows spinning his way pounding deep in to his chest and stomach and rushed over to seal the deal cutting off his head. From here we could see 2 more Falmer guards what seemed to be an elevator devise on a bridge surrounded by water. Making our way down to the basin of this cavern was not easy and water was gushing down the path we were walking on making it slippery and unstable. As we reach the bottom we hurried over to the steps leading up to the bridge hiding behind a pillar getting our bows ready. Jordis and I get our arrows ready as we spin round the piller aiming up the first Falmer then releasing, as the arrows rush toward the first Falmer Jordis striking him in the head as mine digs deep into his belly. We both begin to charge the last Falmer while raising our swords, the Falmer suddenly begins to cast a lightening spell on Jordis as we get closer. Jordis now falling behind ducking and weaving trying to escape the lightening, as i get ever
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Raldbthar Market.

closer. The creature now turns his spell on to me, the electricity coursing through my body shocking every part of my sending pain all through my limbs. Pushing through i continue charging my shield held firm as i bash into him sending the creature flying through the air as he falls into the water below. Jordis quick behind me prepares her bow, the water around the creature begins to swirl and blood starts to seep into the water as we catch glimpse of slaughterfish turning the Falmers body to bone.

having defeated these Falmer i go back to check the first ones body to my surprise finding a hand full of diamonds and gems, handing them to Jordis i begin to walk over to this elevator to investigate it. There is a leaver in the middle with 4 large pillars with a cog on each. Jordis pulls the leaver as she does a low groaning sound starts up as we are moved upwards into the darkness. Climbing ever more high now the air rushing through my armor giving me chills then suddenly coming to a halt as a door above us opens up. Snow starts rushing in and covering us in seconds as we scramble to climb out of the snow. Reach the top of the snow we find it dark, night time and from the view i would say we are near Lake Yorgrim we decide to head back to Anga's Mill for the night. Reaching the tavern in Anga's Mill we book 2 rooms, nice warm rooms as i lay down heavy and worn of today’s events falling into a deep sleep.
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Near Anga's Mill

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Camp 2.