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  • I live in Seattle, WA
  • I was born on April 27
  • My occupation is Student/Worker
  • I am Male
  • Calen!

    It turns out that the books that you read in skyrim are very similiar to the ones you read in Oblivion. When picking up book to read you are shot to a screen showing the book and a few options. The only thing that seems different is the text shape/type!

    Welcome! :)

    (Info from firsthand PAX experience)

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  • Calen!

    PAX Gameplay Info

    September 16, 2011 by Calen!

    It turns out that I got a sneak preview of the Kajhit character at PAX the character is very detailer along with many face modifications, one thing that is seen that shows up in other elder scrolls games is that magically there is a hole in the back of your armor in which your tail comes out. A minor detail, but a detail none the less,

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  • Calen!

    So as it turns out, Skrim was an available demo to be played at PAX (Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, Washington) I got a rare chance among all the others that waited feverishly in line for hours and hours, just to get a thirty minute sneak peek at the most anticipated game of maybe even the whole century! I must say that the gameplay is completely solid.

    As I stood with the Xbox controller laying sweatily in my hand, I could not understand why it felt like I was waiting for so long for it to load, which I later realized it did take a while to load, but I didn't mind.

    FIRST: Character selection-

    The selection was beautiful! It was hard for me to make a definate selection from the choices, so in conclusion I chose to use the Kajhit. I made this c…

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