So as it turns out, Skrim was an available demo to be played at PAX (Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, Washington) I got a rare chance among all the others that waited feverishly in line for hours and hours, just to get a thirty minute sneak peek at the most anticipated game of maybe even the whole century! I must say that the gameplay is completely solid.

As I stood with the Xbox controller laying sweatily in my hand, I could not understand why it felt like I was waiting for so long for it to load, which I later realized it did take a while to load, but I didn't mind.

FIRST: Character selection-

The selection was beautiful! It was hard for me to make a definate selection from the choices, so in conclusion I chose to use the Kajhit. I made this choice based on the fact that I wanted to see if fur blowed in the wind but I didn't get a chance to actually check that due to all the other stuff I was looking at!

(Sorry, I will have to add later! I will let ya know when I get around to it!)