Its starting to get cold, and the time is comming for chirstmas.  For me Oblivion offers me something the real world doesn't, or at least not very often. Snow! I live in Alabama and we don't hardly get no snow. Bruma is where I love to be around Christmas time. I know its werid but, back when I was my Dad would let the dog come in  when it got really cold outside. My dog would come and lay in my floor and watch me play Oblivion. She would grawl at the guys that  would attack me, but she would never bark. I still have Lucy, my dog, but on the count of having a bigger dog we can't let them both come in. So in the recent days I ran some power down to our barn and set up my 360 down there. I get Wireless internet down there too! Recently Lucy hurt her foot an has been limping aorund on 3 legs. She hasn't been feeling good. She has been retiring eairlier than she normally does. So I thought I would let her come into the barn and watch me play like she did when she and I were younger. 

How Bout it? Yea Or Nea?