• Caparzo77

    What would happen if a Bosmer and an Altmer had a child.

    Is it 50/50 to either race?

    I have no idea and would want to know.

    (I know this is a blog post, but it's the easiest way to get an answer.)

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  • Caparzo77

    Argonians (and Khajiit ) have been slaves for Dunmers in the 1E (I think), In the current year (Skyrims game year) Argonians have invaded Morrowind . 

    They've killed thousnads of inocents, atleast according to the people of Solstheim .

    My question is have the Argonians made Dunmers their slaves too, or have they just taken over the province?

    I really want to know since it does such a huge difference, I mean enslaving a province and taking over one is completely different.

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  • Caparzo77

    The Elder Scrolls VI: ????

    I personally hope the next Single player TES ARPG will be in Elsweyr or Black marsh.

    But I want to know others opinions. 

    Where do you want the next Elder scrolls game to be in?

    Used provinces: High Rock , Cyrodiil /Imperial Province, Morrowind , and Skyrim

    The rest: Elsweyr , Valenwood , Hammerfell , Summerset Isle and Black Marsh

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  • Caparzo77

    Black Marsh Creatures?

    February 26, 2013 by Caparzo77

    In Black Marsh do reptiles, dinosaurs and dragons exist?

    Black Marsh is a swampy place home to Argonians, Argonians are sort of reptiles, dinosaurs such as spinosaurus lived in swampy places in reality, and dragons such as blood dragon would fit fine in Black Marsh but do they exist there. I know that Skyrim is like Norway, Sweden and a little bit like Finland. Elsweyr is like half desert half savannah. Cyrodiil is like Italy and Germany, but what of the rest.

    Skyrim has nordic creatures and animals

    Cyrodiil has nordic and middle europian animals and creature

    Elsweyr has african creatures and animals including elephants 

    Morrowind has creatures and animals from dark and swampy places

    Valenwood has probably cougars, gorillas, chimps, tigers... (j…

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