Captain Bogrim was born in 2E851. His father fought in the Nord-Breton War and was killed in The Battle of Sancre Tor. At the age of 30 he became the commander of the "Axe-Beards". The Axe-Beards were Skyrims heavy armor fighters and fought in every war that involved skyrim. Bogrims family is pure Nord. Bogrim mostly fought against bandits, Redguards, and Orc rebels. In The Crossing War he was one of the first Nords to join the first Daggerfall Covenant. He is most famous for killing the one of the empires greatests generals, general Pitus, in The Battle of
Nord 1

Captian Bogrim

Murries Beacon. After the war he was incharge of wiping out any imperial resistance in High Rock and Skyrim. Most of the time he went on crusades for treasure for the Daggerfall Covenant.