Breton 1

General Pier

General Pier fought and was killed in The Crossing War.He fought for the Daggerfall Covenant. For a while he was the only general in High Rock. He was born in 2E828 and was killed in 2E892. He fought in the Nord-Breton War in 2E852. He was defeated at The Battle of Sancre Tor by the imperial armies lead by General Talos. This defeat broke there alliance with the nords and put High Rock in poverty. Through his shame he fought battle after battle to regain his honor. He was called by most of his men the "General of Shame" for all his defeats in battle. After the Battle of Sancre Tor he lost every battle he fought. When the Crossing War began he sought to regain his power in battle against the imperials once more. His arragence cost him several battles, the entire Breton army, and his life.