General Pitus is the most patriotic imperial to the Empire. He was born in 2E20. He fought in the Hammerfell Rebellions, The Argonian unrest, The Nord-Breton War, and The Crossing War. He never lost a battle until the Battle of Camp Blue Haven. He was one of the empires top generals and was part of the elder council. His thirst for victory and revenge drove him in battle. He changed the limit of age for legionaires to 16-50 from 16-35. This gave the empire a larger army and a more experienced army. Pitus would use the troops he used in other conflicts to create a stronger relationship with his men. He was loved, honerd, and worshipped by many of the people of the empire. Some called him "The Second Talos". He was killed in the battle of Murries Beacon in the Crossing War. If he had lived the imperials would have won and the Daggerfall Covenant would have never been made.
Imperial 3

General Pitus