Legate Montamius was born in 2E870 in northern Cyridiil. He is the youngest legate in the Imperial legion. His father, Argus Montamius, was a legionaire in the imperial army. At age 16 Montamius joined the legion. He is famous for is young age and his popularity with his troops. When he was 19 he was switched to the 5th Legion under General Pitus. His first war was the Crossing War. In the Crossing War he won many battles and his troops grew pride in him, But when General Pitus was killed he had to take full command. Since most of his army was killed he took a small group and continued to fight. Out of all the battles he lost after the death of General Pitus he pulled a victory out of The Battle of Fort Ti. He gave his remaining legionaires hope. The next year him and his troops were hunted down by the Lion Guard and were killed. He showed every the imperial army never give up, never stop fighting, and never surrender. These ways were kept till The Great War against the Aldmeri Dominion.
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Legate Montamius