The Crossing War



  • Lion Guard , the Breton special guard, spotted the imperial army at the River. Once this got to High Rock King Emeric sent General Pier to the West March River . The two armies met in battle. The Breton army suffered heavy casualties to the well trained and experienced imperial army and were forced to retreat. General Pier of the Breton army gathered his men from the camp and they marched to Evermor Pass . The Pass is a main trade route for the Breton City of Evermor . The Imperial army marched to the Pass and attacked the Breton troops surrounded and having their plan fail they were slaughtered. General Pier retreated to the village of Teymanna . Breton reinforcments could not come due to the economy. The government could not pay for another army. General Pier mustered the small militia and prepared for battle. The imperial army flanked the Village and killed the militia. General Pier was also killed in combat.


  • King Emeric found out of the loss of his general and army and sent a group of senators to Skyrim . The senators met with Jarl Windfer and High King Jorunn, the Skald-King . The Nords created an alliance with the bretons and the First Daggerfall Covenant was created. Captain Bogrim of Whiterun marched to High Rock. High King Emeric sent the Lion Guard to capture an imperial camp called Camp Blue Haven. The Lion Guard attacked from all sides killing every imperial in sight. The imperials didnt stand a chance. The camp was taken and it was the first victory for the Bretons . General Pitus was furious of this defeat and sent half his army to the camp. He didnt know that the Nord army was garrisoned a mile in front of the camp at Murries Beacon. Nord axes clashed with the swords of the imperials. The legionaires were crushed by the brute force of the Nords. Captain Bogrim spotted General Pitus and cut him down on the battle field.


  • Captain Bogrim leaded his men to Fort Ti were Legate Montamius was stationed. The Nords only sent a small group to the fort. The imperial troops at the fort held the Nords off and retreated deeper into the forests. The imperials sent a treaty to King Emeric but he refused. The Legates troops split into two one group stayed to fight and the other retreated in to Skyrim . The Lion Guard was sent to wipe out the men that stayed and fought. The imperials were found in the Leaper Forest. They were cut down like dogs. The Legate retreated with a few men. The Nord army came across the imperials in Skyrim and were put down at Silver-Blood Mine.


  • The Lion Guard hunted down and killed the Legate and his men at Lingo Mill. The Imperials finally were defeated and surrendered to the Daggerfall Covenant .


  • The Battle of Wesearn (Imperial Victory)
  • The Battle of Vonhold (Imperial Victory)
  • The Battle of Ternin (Imperial Victory)
  • The Battle of West March River (Imperial Victory)
  • The Battle of Evermor Pass (Imperial Victory)
  • The Battle of Teymanna (Imperial Victory)
  • The Battle of Camp Blue Haven (Daggerfall Covenant Victory)
  • The Battle of Murries Beacon (Daggerfall Covenant Victory)
  • The Battle of Fort Ti (Imperial Victory)
  • The Battle of Leaper Forest (Daggerfall Covenant Victory)
  • The Battle of Silver-Blood Mine (Daggerfall Covenant Victory)
  • The Battle of Lingo Mill (Daggerfall Covenant Victory)
  • The Daggerfall Covenant won the war.