Constantine Bolt-Bringer


Stalhrim Prince comment: That boy reminds me of myself at a younger age, noble, honorarble, but ruled by his emotions.


Apperance: He wears a full suit of dawngaurd heavy armor with a small cape draped over one shoulder

History: Abandoned at a young age, Constantine was raised by the Stalhrim Prince as his son. His childhood was very.....differant... due to the fact that The SP was away most of the time. So he had to be raised by the "help: Priests of Order. He was taught to not show emotion and be cool under pressure, this, and other factors made Constantine's life a living Oblivion. But it was not all bad, the spriggins around "Rock of the All-Maker" (The castle abode of  the SP.) enjoyed playing with the young boy, he and the spriggins pulled pranks on the POO(Priests of Order) to the extent of making their lives a "Living Oblivion." And when the SP returned from adventuring, he would bring Constantine toys and gifts.

However, all of this would change when the Deadra attacked. Due to a grudge between Mehrunes Dagon and the SP, Dagon sent a seige force to destroy the castle. The defenders fought bravely, but the Dremora broke through the defenses and battled the defenders in the Great hall. The Prince returned just in time to thwart a Dremora's attack on Constantine. The SP killed almost all of the Dremora and restored peace in his castle. But he knew that Dagon would be back, and he couldn't risk Constantine, so he left him with the Skaal, only to vistit him every so often. But he did not leave him comepletely alone, he asigned a Dremora named Alcethur (Alcethur was sworn to serve th Prince.) as his guardian. Constantine learned the ways of the Skaal and became a exellent hunter. He left his village eventully and joined the Dawnguard, he stayed with them for a while, until he was honorably discharged.