Stalhrim Prince Comment:That boy could have done so much, but he choose his own path. If his mother saw him now.......

Bio: Son of the Nerevarine and a Noble Kajitt theif, Dranassi has a lot to live up to, but thats not in his agenda. His mother died after an Avakari enemy of the Nerevaine sent assasians to kill him and his kin. The Nerevaine brought the boy to the Stalhrim Prince for safekeeping. Soon after, the Nerevarine disappered, causing Dra'nnasi to run away from his new home and join House Telvanni.

He rose through the ranks with assasianation, wizard duels, and blackmail and became Hortator of the Telvanni. And just in time too, the eruption of red mountian scattered all who dwelt in Vardenfell. He met back with his guardian(SP) in order to secure his help in finding a new place, he offered a small strech of land on Solisteim, Dranassi refused to live anywhere close to his guardian, so he gave the land to Neloth. He currently is in Cyridoil, plotting Telvanni's rise to power.