A figure could be seen climbing the Velothi Mountians. His armor was like Stalhrim armor, but had raw glass instead of Stalhrim. His mouth was covered by cloth to keep the cold out. His weapon was an axe made of glass and ebony. He jumped from ledge to ledge as if he was an acrobat. He grimly scaled the mountian until he saw his target, a fortress built in altmer fashion. It was guarded by Altmer dressed in full Deadric armor that was gold instead of red. He eyed the tall sentries for a while until moving in. He reached the walls, and began to punch hand holds into the hard rock, he then climbed up the walls. One of the guards heard the disturbence, and approached where he thought the noise was coming from. He looked over the ramparts only to be beheaded. His decapitated body fell down the mountian. The figure jumped onto the ramparts, to see a golden temple.  He then stealthily crept through the fortress and sneaked through a window in the temple.

He sneaked pass cultists, worshiping an idol of two dragons swallowing the others tail. He saw his objective, the head priest's room. It was mostly bare, except for a chest or two, and a larger idol, instead with real Dragon Bones. At the foot of this idol, a Altmer stood, he was clad in a gold and white robe, but underneath was a full suit of gold Deadric armor. He turned from his adoration of the statue, when he saw the figure, he took up a Deadric Claymore and charged at him, yelling as he held the sword above him. The figure blocked his attack and disarmed him with one swipe of his blade. He then held the priest by the neck. "What are you?!" the priest yelled. The figure stabbed him with his axe, and let him fall. He opened one of the chest and found a image of a blond haired man, with a wife and two children. He closed his eyes, deep in thought. When the priest's diciples stormed in the room, he broke out his trance, and rose. The cultist lounged at him, but before any could touch him, a circle of glass surronded the figure. The vengeful cultists pounded the glass with their weapons eager for revenge. He once again closed his eyes, then the entire building was blown to peices in a explosion similer to when the All-Maker stones were freed from Miraak's grasp.

Only one stood alive in the rubble, the figure. He waved his hand and a piller of glass appeared, a figure dressed in ebony armor was seen inside of the pillar, "Brother," the figure said, "The Lost one has returned."

"Grave tidings," the ebony figure replied, "Contact the Prince, we must all be ready for the battle that is to come."