Hi everyone! Chalupa here again, but this time with something a little different. My first time with a blog, I was writing, that's what I do. I'm a writer, but this is a rage blog. Now trust me, I won't be doing this very often, in fact this may be my only one. But, today I finished work and decided to go play the DLC I downloaded Tuesday, TESV: Dragonborn. Now, I have to say something I don't like to say, I want to express my opinion on a large debate. If you look back at my little story in the comments someone suggested that I make a Stormcloak storyline to go along with it. I replied by saying there are too many fanboys of the Imperials for me to do that, and that I wouldn't express my opinion on the subject as I wanted no hate. I also hate hate. Haters gonna hate, but I still want to give them no reason to hate on me. So, here's the thing I'll be hated on for. I only download any DLC for an Elder Scrolls on the PS3. Why? Because I'm terribly loyal. I started playing Oblivion right before Skyrim came out to test the series because I read a very good article about Skyrim in my Game Informer and was impressed. I fell in love. The game was amazing, couldn't believe it was made in 2006. But I digress, I played it on the PS3. I was already a Sony guy, but I fell in love because of the PS3, so I decided to remain loyal in this sense, now here's where I'm going to get mad (forgive any errors I might make as when I rage I type quickly).

I, along with all other PS3 Nords and Imperials, had to wait two extra months for this DLC, which already pissed me off enough. I still was determined and knew we'd get an advantage, like extra content or a price drop. Now, I was already mad that we didn't get either any extra content or a free DLC or maybe even we get the next DLC first. But I digress again. I got the DLC, downloaded it, then played it for 30 min and didn't come back for a few days. Yesterday, I finally got around to playing it. Now, I'd already found a bad glitch where when I talked to Frea, she attacked. Now, I came back when I was about finished with the Temple of Miraak when I loaded my game and went outside. Her AI went TERRIBLE. She could not have been more sloppy with anything she was doing. So, I screwed around with the game and attacked the Skaal village, knowing I could just reload. So, I of course Fus Ro Dahd Frea off a cliff then jumped off myself. It reloaded, then when I came back I WAS ATTACKED IMMEDIATELY BY FREA! I figured maybe there was a file that made all of my past enemies somehow remember, but then the sky wasn't that bright green color it should have been, then all of the stone slaves attacked me, so I ran to the Skaal village and they did NOTHING! So, of course, all of my past enemies didn't remember. So, I walked inside to see if that would work. When I came out, they attacked (sounds like Tom Cruise and his parents) because Frea attacked. I reloaded from the Temple and was attacked, same scenario.

That meant there was 2 extra months, with NO EXTRA WORK IN THEM! ( I take this statment back. I didn't know about the dual drive)  I swear, all of that must have been for attention. This really upsets me because I love Bethesda, favorite company ever! I cannot believe this was ever even considered. It's upsetting! I was really looking forward to going to Morrowind technically. THIS REALLY BLEW (This I will not take back, 'cause it did). Restarted, nothing. Rebooted, nothing. My last save was levels earlier, they have to get a better system. I just played HL2 out of the Orange Box after that. Pissed me off! I really want some help and opinions, and please no hates. I love responding to comments, in fact I do to every one, but I will not respond to any hate here, as this was super fucking pissy I don't want to respond to tons of hate. I just want some help. Some opinions, in fact, let's just get all of the possible hate comments out of the way.

"Chalupa, dat's wat u get fr buying teh pee es three" "FUK PS3, GO MCROSFT!!" "Just download a mod, faggot. Oh wait, you can't faggot, cus yer a faggot with a faggot PS3 faggot" "SONY JUST GOT PWNED!" "FU" "You stupid head, u shuld hav jest gotted teh DLCes on teh PC before teh PS3!" Now don't get me wrong, I like all consoles, just saying this is where the hate will come from. In fact, I happen to own the two modern Fallouts and Elder Scrolls for all three stations. I have the PC for mods, X-Box for the collector's edition (I only want it once I've played through the game for some reason. I bought the Oblivion septim and Pocket Guide to the Empire seperately. Holding it right now.) and PS3 'cause I'm loyal as Barbas, yes this is Skyrim lore, look it up if you don't know.

Thanks guy, Chalupa signing off. ChalupaBatman87 (talk) 08:29, February 19, 2013 (UTC)

  • Update: HA! Paragraphs! I win!

Now, a little follow up. I just got the Hearthfire DLC, many of the bugs I found on here (such as the large Lakeview Manor or Dark Brotherhood glitch) were fixed. I understand though, they had more time to work on this, still save it an extra month, polish up Dragonborn, while we're playing our two other DLCs playig as a Vampire Father Breton living in the tundras of Skyrim with his wife and kids.... that's the new DLC for me. Just, next time, keep it a little while longer and help us help you by giving you more cash. You want our money? Do yer job well! Thanks guys, I'm ChalupaBatman and welcome to Jackass. ChalupaBatman87 (talk) 08:21, February 22, 2013 (UTC)