Hey guys!

I'm sorry it's been so long for any of you that care, just a few troubles with work and life, but I'm here now and trying to provide you with the content I promised with my last post. So, as the title says this is a wishlist. I decided to kick off my new blogs with something I really love making and watching or reading. So, you know this is a wish list, but you don't know know what it's for. Well, I'll be doing this wishlist on a game far in the future, a game we're not even sure will happen, a game that people barely discuss as I'm desperate to to alienate this from every common wishlist you'll see all over forums. That's right, it's a wishlist for THE ELDER SCROLLS VII: BOB LOBLAW. I say "Bob Loblaw", because I have no idea what its name will be.

So, I'm sure many of you are asking yourselves,"Why the hell is he doing something on this game when it's years away?" Well, there's a good answer to that. You see, there are quite a few things I want that can't possibly be satisfied through a game so close to us. I think, for one, that there will need to be a large time difference, some more revolutionary ideas, so on. So, because of this I chose TES VII: BL.

Now, I'll try to keep this list as short as possible, while making it as long as possible. What I mean is I will list as many things as I can think of in this time, but will list them as shortly as possible. I'll update with any new thoughts, it a WORK IN PROGRESS, so stay tuned. Note that these are in no signifigant order, but they're all pretty cool in my opinion. So, without further adieu, here are the things I want for The Elder Scrolls VII.

1. Snow Elves- A good way to start it out is one explanation for the signifigant game difference. I feel that for large camps of Snow Elves or even for them to be playable, you need years and years of lore time. But, I feel seeing and living in communities of or playing as one of these awesome elves would be amazing, there have even been in game features showing the possibility. They're cool, they just are.

2. DLC Built into Game- By this I mean that DLC features are implemented into the base game, like the adoption system, a house building system, the really cool features, not story wise really, but the cool features.

3. War- War, war never chang.... oh wait, wrong Bethesda franchise. But seriously, war storylines in games like this, all the fighting and tactics, just gets me pumped. I love war in TES, it's just a really cool thing in this era and story arc. War's just fun to play with tech like this.

4. Daedra- While this is always in these games, I want a lot of it. It's fun playing and collecting these relics and missions. They just have some really cool feats.

5. Children- I already mentioned the adoption system, but I mean like a full out system! Think about it, family, having the children, teens, babies, then they can join you, you can have some fun parent time. I dunno why but I really love the idea of having children in game, it's just cool, but I know a lot of people disagree with me.

6. Cool Story- Well, this is something the franchise is known for, but it's also a must have for this in my opinion. There's really no explanation needed here.

7. Awesome, Large, Fun Landmass- This is really needed, especially with games like GTA and Dragon Age and all of that. I mean, GTA V's map is supposed to be full to the brim, with underwater places, and it's supposed to be bigger than San Andreas, Red Dead Redemption, and GTA IV's map combined!

8. Awesome and More Diverse Voice Acting- So, I was playing Skyrim today and I noticed something. Followers always have those little comments on what's happening, but what if you (the PC) could respond with a witty comeback and voice. I'm not saying it even has to be human-voiced, but a fake electronic voice. Also, I noticed so many Nords and Khajiit and every race really, sound WAY TOO MUCH ALIKE! I mean seriously, give us a little diversity.

So that's what I have so far! Leave a comment saying what you want, your opinion, or really just any feedback! I'm Chalupa Batman, and welcome to Jackass! ChalupaBatman87 (talk) 20:22, March 26, 2013 (UTC)