Hi Guys! ChalupaBatman back with another blog for ya guys!

So, you know how I made that blog recently about the rage I had over the new DLC? Well ya know, last night it came to me that that article made it to the top four, today two, along with my first ever blog post! I thought about it you know, I wondered why. Why has this happened to me? Well, while I couldn't come to an answer, I figured out something I should do. You see, I really enjoy reading the comments, making the blogs, so on, and so I've decided I'm gonna get much more serious with this! Many more blogs more on the fun side, not news like the admin blogs on the main page, but things you'd enjoy reading! I mean like really fun, not like cool news that pumps you up, but little fun tidbits and things, you know!

So guys, there's one thing I need of you. 500 MILLION DOLLARS! No, just kidding...... but it would be nice. No, so what I was gonna say is that I need not only some support, but some ideas. I have a few, mod reviews, story ideas, questions, but I need a few more!! So leave a comment saying if you wanna see more of me and any ideas you may have. See ya guys next time, I'm ChalupaBatman and welcome to Jackass. ChalupaBatman87 (talk) 23:51, February 22, 2013 (UTC)