Hi Everyone!

Haven't heard from me in a while have you? I have good undisclosed reason for such, but I'm not here to tell you my life's story. I'm here to talk about the Elder Scrolls!

So, first thing's first, I've played the ESO Beta! I made the team as a beta tester, even with no experience in the field. It was probably my well put together paragraph of WHY I should be chsoen as a beta tester. Anyway, I probably should have told you this earlier, but I had no time. Unfortunately, I could get sued for giving you almost any details, and I like my life's savings, mind you this was about two or so months ago, so even if I could tell you anything it would be outdated. But I will tell you it has potential. I'm not going to say as of yet that it was good, as it's only in the process of becoming a game, and when I played it was not even close to that status either way. The only thing I will tell you in content, it feels like a good TES game. That can't really get me sued, so I feel safe with that. But it's HUGE! 10s of thousands of megabytes. I do have a confession though... I had the chance to play it yet again a few weeks back, yet I didn't as I was away with my family. I know, I know, of course beta testing is more important than family, but I had no choice. My grandparents won't be alive forever (I hope).

Next on the list, what do you want to see as the setting for the next single player TES game? I mean, personally, I'd like to see a more modern return to High Rock, as I always play Breton and would feel extremely at home there. Then again, I would love to see another Great War on the Aldmeri Homefront. That's right, I may sound a little mainstream, but I'd love to see a Summerset Isles one. But, you could do another Great War on any province of Tamriel, hell it would be cool to have one where you wage war on the Aldmeri Dominion in Hammerfell, then take to Summerset Isles for a few missions. Truthfully, all of Tamriel sounds awesome, but thinking logically and realistically with the next gen consoles and a moderate PC's capabilities, the best idea would be to be able to travel to two or three provinces (in my case I'd love to see High Rock, Black Marsh, and the Summerset Isles) as doing this you could capture elements of all different kinds of terrain, as Skyrim captured only snowy mountainous regions, and a few sunshiney (but probably cold) areas, like Canada. Let's say you had Elsweyr, Hammerfell, and the Summerset Isles. You've got Elsweyr for the foresty, tropical-like area, packed to the brim with drugs and cats, Summerset Isles for your happy go lucky, warm, sunshiney paradise full of asswipes, nice clothing, and tons of gold to steal, and Hammerfell for your hot, dry, desert terrain, not to mention how awesome Redguards are! It'd be like a happy medium, and I for one am sick of snow, both in TES and real life. That's really what I'd like to see.

And now, some comedic things I noticed making this article, that I felt like relaying to you. First off, isn't Skooma like the catnip of Nirn? Cats love it, get high off of it, and can't stop after they start. Also, has no one else noticed that "Elsweyr" is obviously a pun on "Elsewhere", probably because they couldn't think of a good name for this OTHER PLACE in Tamriel. That's about it.... XD

And last, the update... I'm alive! Let's celebrate! No, but if you remember me, are an old fan, or even a new comer who thought this blog looked interesting I'd love some feedback or a comment showing your support and I always try to reply to any comment. And last but not least, leave your ideas and hopes for the next TES setting in the comments below. Bye everyone and have a great week!

My name is ChalupaBatman87, and welcome to Jackass.