Hi everyone!

A while back I saw a small blog (that if anyone sees could you direct me to) that proposed a new DLC where Martin Septim comes back for a DLC. That was about all the detail he went into. While it took me a while to come up with a way for him to come back from the dead after sacrificing himself, I made a huge comment in there with what they may have put into the DLC, and so I'd like to show it to a few more people, see some other opinions.

4E 201, The Dragonborn searches a crypt under the Throat of the World to discover items on all of the bodies that point to them being of the Septim Dynasty. He walks down the rows of bodies to see two last empty slots. One has a unique soul gem in it, the other a note. He reads the note to see it says "DRAGONBORN". He grabs the soul gem and picks up the note, feeling a strange connection to the soul gem. He notices a button under the note, and presses it. It then pricks his finger and takes a drop of blood. Then a large stone door that was next to the slots opens. The Dragonborn then sees Tiber/Uriel VII Septim's spirit who tells them they must travel to the Imperial City and his destiny will be layed before him. Not knowing why, but obeying he sets out to find a carriage driver who is willing to take him all the way down to Cyrodil. This results in a fetch quest sort of thing where you have to buy everything for the carriage driver's carriage. Once that's done you take the trip where you fall asleep and wake up right as your entering the Imperial City, which is under high security and covered in gate and even looks like half of its beauty has been sucked out of it by the Thalmor who have made the whole place full of poverty with everyone except them. The Dragonborn then comes across a mysterious man in a black robe that is blocking his face who tells him the first part of his adventure.

I'd really like to say more, but I can't. I have figured out the rest of the story, but I'm hoping, though it's VERY unlikely, some one from Bethesda will see this and say "Hey, that's not a bad idea". Your probably wondering how Martin comes back, and eventually I'll tell everyone if no one ever sees it. I know this is terrribly hopeful that the right person will see it at the right time, but I can only hope.

I'd like to say thanks to everyone who reads this and sorry for any one who finds it illogical or non lore friendly or any ELF LOVERS : ( ! Sorry for being sexist and saying him/his/he. It was easier to just write one.

P.S. White Gold Tower was built into the game, but was just a base. Just a side note.

Thanks EVERYONE!!!!!! And have a Happy New Year!!!!!