I posted some add-ons to there. This blog is for those who would like to add.

Here is what i added:Shouting at people makes them go flying;

Lollygagging is not allowed;

In Riften if you have follower and you buy the house and the garden, and you kill your chicken, he/she will think you broke the law;

Combining 2 things magically creates a bottle filled with liquid;

Shoot an arrow at someones head and they will just say 'I guess it was just my imagination.' and go back to where he was;

Kids cannot die;

It won't hurt at all if you hold fire in your hand;

People are fine with you crouching with a knife, but they aren't fine with you giving food to the poor;

You get paid to steal stuff if you live in a sewer;

A very old person's eye can destroy the world;

A jester gets jealous if you begin hearing voices in your head;

Doing something vampires do makes you a werewolf;(Twilight just got pwned)

Picking up a flower can make you carry too much to run;

You can eat more food then anyone else and still be hungry;

So if anyone would like to add, just comment.