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    Well, if you have not noticed yet, the first of this month brought us the long awaited expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online. This is the first DLC for this game, and it returns us to the capital of the empire. As of now, it is only on PC and Mac, but will arrive to Xbox One and Play station four on 9/15 and 9/16.

    You cannot accses the new content until you have bought the expansion—which costs 2500 Crowns if you don't have an ESO Plus membership—and have reached level 10. With this new story, we can expect hours of expanded play time, new areas to fight along side friends or alone, and powerful new weapons and armor. With this new adventure, the game also has a patch that effects everybody, so with the DLC and the patch, the game now incl…

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  • Cheatcodechamp

    Since starting Skyrim, my friends and I have been arguing about Talos being one of the Nine Divine. While most of us agree he was an important part of the humans history, a few of them believe that Talos is not and should not be one of the nine because he was born human and he can't become a god. And since I have the time, I thought I would write down their argument as to why he is not a divine (and some of their opinions on what happened when he died), and my views on why I say he did become a divine and some of the proof found in .

    since my friends have a ton of views on this, I'll just state the big ones and argue the smaller ones later:

    One of the biggest ones they have is that the Divine are all stated as kind, the fact that eight of th…

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  • Cheatcodechamp

    This is the first blog i have done, and im not sure how viewable these are, so if this is very public and everybody can see it please feel free to add feed back of your own.

    the main thing im doing with this blog is writing down my ideas on what would be good ideas for Skyrim DLC's. i know they wont do most of these (if any) but i like sharing my thoughts.

    1) I think it would be cool to have something with the Five Hundred Companions and there leader Ysgramor. there are a few ways this could go. the hero could be pulled into time to either take part in or change the events that took place, or hunt down a rumor about the lost ship that went missing during the storm. either way this could add some new story and give me a reason to return to Jo…

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