Since starting Skyrim, my friends and I have been arguing about Talos being one of the Nine Divine. While most of us agree he was an important part of the humans history, a few of them believe that Talos is not and should not be one of the nine because he was born human and he can't become a god. And since I have the time, I thought I would write down their argument as to why he is not a divine (and some of their opinions on what happened when he died), and my views on why I say he did become a divine and some of the proof found in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Why they say he is not a divine

since my friends have a ton of views on this, I'll just state the big ones and argue the smaller ones later:

One of the biggest ones they have is that the Divine are all stated as kind, the fact that eight of them gave up so much of their power to create nirn proves they are kind. In life Talos was not only a warlord, but he murdered Cuhlecain for trying to take the throne. A divine would never stoop so low as killing their friend and covering it up.

The second argument is that it is simply impossible for a mer to rise up to the role of a god. And even if he did rise and ascended, could you really call him a divine?

Why he is a divine

As a counter argument to him being a killer, Talos was a part of a prophecy given to him by the Greybeards stating that he would be the one to defeat the Elves and become Emperor of a united Tamriel. If Cuhlecain did take the throne the prophecy would have been ruined. Also, just because he killed him doesn't mean he was evil or didn't regret it. After killing him Talos slit his own throat (an act that cost him his power to shout). Talos had no reason to do this other then feeling guilt for his murder, and the fact he survived can say that he was meant to rule and unite the people.

Also, Talos is the God of War and Governance, he was a great example of being able to run government and army's with great ease.

His Divine blood


The Armor as found in Sancre Tor.

Note that the next part is kinda a spoiler alert if you have yet to play or beat oblivion:

One of the biggest reasons I see Talos as being a Divine is his blood was used to open the gate to Mankar Camoran's Paradise. In order to open the gate the blood of a daedra and a god was needed. While the daedra blood was easy to get due to they put their blood in their artifacts, the Aedra do not have atifacts. The only place that any sort of blood could be found was on the Armor Tiber Septim (Talos) used in the battle of Sancre Tor. The fact the blood was accepted and the gate opened proves Talos has the blood of the divine and is in fact one of them.

The only reason he was outlawed by the elves after the great war is they hate the idea that the man that defeated them rose to such power, and they hate the idea that a simple human has more power then they do. Outlawing him was a way to get revenge for what he did to them.

If you have any comments on my argument please let me know and I'll try to respond as best I can.