This is the first blog i have done, and im not sure how viewable these are, so if this is very public and everybody can see it please feel free to add feed back of your own.

the main thing im doing with this blog is writing down my ideas on what would be good ideas for Skyrim DLC's. i know they wont do most of these (if any) but i like sharing my thoughts.

1) I think it would be cool to have something with the Five Hundred Companions and there leader Ysgramor. there are a few ways this could go. the hero could be pulled into time to either take part in or change the events that took place, or hunt down a rumor about the lost ship that went missing during the storm. either way this could add some new story and give me a reason to return to Jorrvaskr.

2) no matter what side you took in the war, odds are the player has pissed off the thalmor, while this is probably a lame idea, i think something adding to the
blades/Thalmor feud would be fun. i haven't beaten the game yet, so im not sure if they add people to the blades hideout to fill those extra beds, so something that added a few more members would be pretty cool.

3) Anything that would expand the story line would be great, now that the Civil war is done and the dragons are gone shouldn't mean there is nothing to do, there needs to be a new event that would cause people to ask the dragon born to come back and fight the new evil

4) the Shivering isles was a great add-on, it brought a whole new game to the game and thats why it worked. the elder scroll games are in a way tied into being tightly involved with the Gods and deadra. I would bet good money that anything that makes you go into the realm (or realms) of the Deadra would be great.

5) I want to know what happened after oblivion, why did the guilds fall apart and what happened to there artifacts? what about the Knights of the nine? these would almost make it that the player needed to return to Cyridiil, and Bethesda already said they weren't going back (but that doesn't mean we don't want to know