Homestead has been released on The Elder Scrolls: Online PC/Mac and a few more weeks for it to be released for Xbox One/PS4. This is a quick review over what this free update introduced us to and how it will be working for console:

  • Nearly 40 uniquely themed homes you can settle
  • Over 2,000 individual decorative and furniture
  • Furnishing Crafting
  • Master Crafting Writs
  • Four new Motifs

Updates for the gameplay

  • PVP itemization
  • An overall balance pass across all classes and skills

This is a deeper review on how the Homestead system will function

  • The player starts with the tutorial and is housed in a local Inn, the player can expand from here
  • Homesteads will not be available in DLC zones with the exception of the Morrowind expansion
  • The player can buy limitless Homesteads
  • Furnished and Unfurnished homes can be bought with in-game gold, unfurnished homes can also be purchased with crowns
  • When the player buys an Unfurnished home, the player has to prove worthy, no one wants an unhelpful neighbor
  • Houses are instanced, do not worry on russhing
  • The player can not break in to someone elses home
  • Players can visit each other's homes
  • The player is allowed to have trusted friends furnish their home
  • The player can preview homes before buying them

For more information reguarding this update, visit the official website, enjoy the update.