Why does everyone say that "Ulfric cheated against Torygg" when the dragonborn has MUCH worse ways of using dragon shouts against his or her oppostion? I mean all Ulfric did was use unrelenting force (which from an in game stand point would not hurt that much unless they were battling on top of the freaking blue palace) to best him. Now I can see the argument that ulfric should have just used his war axe to win, which is fine but how come NO ONE complains when the dragonborn uses shouts to win a fight? Also at least Ulfric gave Torygg a quick death while the dragonborn lets his/her foes burn to death, freeze to death, disarms them of their weapon giving them a huge disatvantage, lets them slowly die of gods know what marked for death does, calls upon wild animals to tear their victim to shreds, call upon a freaking dragon to attack them, mind control them, summon a tornado and my favorite, CALL DOWN A LIGHTNING STORM TO KILL EVERY ONE AROUND HIM! So forgive me if in that respect, I'll cut Ulfric some slack. (Note that i don't support Ulfric or his cause this is just an observation i made.)