First of all I would like to say NONE of this is confirmed. Back to the topic, this blog post is going to be about my ideas about some of the ways you should be able to make money in Skyrim, and use it.
Now I honestly don't think money in Oblivion was useful, at all, except if you want to buy houses. I hope that is changed in Skyrim. Despite that, I am spending my time in Oblivion, now, making money by looting caves, and then selling it. And let me say it is fucking boring. The only other way is competing the Arena, but I can only do that once a week.
Anyways I would like to write some of my ideas, and see the forums ideas about how money should be made, and used.

Mining-I think mining should either be a minigame, of some sort, or actual digging. Like maybe you should be able to make your own mines, and dig for gold or other ores in them, or just expand already made mines. You should then be able to smelt the gold, and ores you found into usable tools. Gold should have an option to turn into money, or ingot, if that's the word.

Woodcutting-First off I would like to say this will probably be a group activity, because if you've seen the trees in Skyrim, and they ain't small. From the looks of it rivers will be used to float trees down to the lumber docks. Maybe there will be multiple jobs at each mill, and like a woodcutter or preparing the wood to be shipped. I think the pay work in a way of how many times you did your certain job, not by the time spect doing the certain job.

Tasks- Todd Howard said in a interview riadiant story will make random tasks for you to do. Say you want to make some gold, but don't feel like doing a specific jod, so you ask one of the marketers for a job. Suppose they want 6 nirnroot for their inventory, you go out, and find, 6 nirnroot and bring it back. In return you get some gold.

Crafting- Suppose you just mined a good deal of iron ore. What are you going to do with it? Well here's my idea. First off you smelt it, into iron ingot, but it isn't worth a lot to the marketers. So what do you do? Go to anvil, and turn it into an iron sheild. Now it is worth a lot more, and you have not only trained some of your skills, but made some gold too.

Quests- Another problem I had with oblivion is the gold you would get from quests. You would sometimes get only 50 gold from a quest, like honestly Bethesda, what in hell am I going to do with 50 gold? I just hope they increase the amount of gold you get from even a minor quest.

Uses- As I said in my introduction money grew pointless in Oblivion, because the shops stopped carrying things that were useful. I hope supplies will be needed, and useful, and maybe clothes will have a point as well. Honestly, when did you ever were clothes not armour? My point exactly. I hope you can buy houses like in Oblivion as well, as well as make them. Food should also actually heal you now, unlike in Oblivion. I'm human, and I know I would much rather have food than a potion to heal, just sayin.

If you read all of this I thank you, and please leave some of your ideas in the comment section below.