• Cole Younger

    Skulls I love Skulls

    December 18, 2011 by Cole Younger

    I have played all the elder scrolls games i have a weird love for skulls. i love them so much that i had everyone in morrowin, i had a whole lot in oblivion, now i have 200 in skyrim regular ones and 150 in Troll Skulls this is all on the system playstation 3 is this to much

    if not tell me your count and this is for system only or if you know of skulls that are rare

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  • Cole Younger

    ok after 188 dungeons and 83 cleared and 175 days of in game time i have came across a few dungeons that dont have a door or that it can not be open they do not speak of it but there are these places that i could not clear till i figured a quest need to be started i started a page for them to keep a list handy as i spent 3 hours on my first one and 6 hours trying to find the doors i have these right now add to it on my page called dungeon lock outs

    thank you

    Quest/ Dungeon

    Proving Honor/ Dustman's Cairn

    Blindsighted/ Irkngthand

    Unfathomable Depths/ Avanchnzel

    The jagged Crown/ Korvajund

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