Here is my idea for the Elder Scrolls VI:

The new Elder scrolls game could be set in the Mythic age and you could explore all of Tamriel, starting in Cyrodiil (but would have to get expansions for other regions) The game would follow the old books and stories and you could be races like Nedes, Dwemer, Falmer, Ayleid, etc...

The Nedes (First man race)

Another Idea is that it could be set on the continent of Akavir (east of Tamriel) since all the other games are set on Tamriel, You could be the Ka' Po Tun, Kamal, Tscaesci and Tang Mo. (It could be a prequel to skyrim since that is where the dragons came from and they taught the voice to the Nedes who came to Tamriel, as it said on the emblems on High Hrothgar)

There could be Multiplayer since the list of things people wanted when skyrim was announced was Dragons and multiplayer. Todd said that the whole single player team would be pulled back if multiplayer was included but Multiplayer should be very similar to single player with the only difference being that two players can interact with the world (on split screen).

And there could be a more realistic combat system

You could be able to participate in Wars and great battles,

instead of the same hacking and slashing again and again (It gets boring after a while) In the realistic combat system you and the opponent would have much less hitpoints, and Armor would matter more than HP. Killing moves would be much easier to execute for you and the enemy, you would think twice about your strategy to kill the opponent as they are almost equal to the player (unless it is a very weak creature like a mud crab or a wolf or a very strong creature like a troll or minotaur).

IF it was set in mythic times the world would be much more greener and there would be much more trees and plants since Tamriel Isnt affected by men or elves much. You could pick your class later on in the game or it could pick it for you depending on the choices you made earlier.

That is all I have to say and please comment your ideas