Just wondering, if you feel like going on a killing spree in a major city, where do you like to do it? Do you attack Khajiit caravans? Do you storm the Jarl's keep? Do you pick off guards on the street? Do you enter a tavern or inn in a drunken rage? Or do you just take out your passionate destruction on people for productive reasons, and just revisit a bandit camp when you feel like wreaking some havoc?

Right now for example, when I feel like big fights with minimal resistance, I go to the Silver Blood Inn and kill everybody inside. A little over a dozen guards join in the fight as well. The only problem is that Muiri drops by occasionally, and she is essential and immortal. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share where they go to have some 'fun' with the townspeople. The more guards, the more innocent civilians, and the fewer essential characters, the better.