I play the Xbox 360, and I've been having a little problem of mine...It seems that vingalmo is not giving any new Volkihar quests which stops me from having any more Volkihar radiant quests. Reloading saves isn't optional, because I have only noticed this recently, as it has probably been active since very long ago, and I don't know how to fix it. I've done 2 of his quests, where you infect a named NPC, however he has not given me the option to give me a third one (infecting Valindor in Riften). He is the only NPC that I can't say "What can I do to help" to, while everyone else in Volkihar links me to his non-existent quest, while a marker sits above his head. I've tried hurting him, killing the previously infected vampire NPCs, even killing Valindor, but none of these helped him pass me a quest, but I didn't save the game after these attempts, because I was testing whether this would fix it or not. Feedback on fixing this problem would be greatly appeciated.