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  • Corybergeron

    I've been being attacked by them randomly, and I've started the Dark Brotherhood quests, and although Astrid signature is on the notes found on their bodies, I'm not able to talk to her about it. I don't really want any spoilers, but I'm too curious, does anyone know what questline needs to be followed to find out more about them?

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  • Corybergeron

    Elder Scrolls Apparel

    November 21, 2011 by Corybergeron

    So, I've seen a lot of Oblivion and Skyrim T-shirts, but where's all the Morrowind stuff at??

    I'd like to imagine shirts that are like, rather than "I'M WITH STUPID ->" say "I'M WITH N'WAH ->"

    Am I the only Morrowind geek that wants these things?

    Anyone else have any Elder Scrolls tee ideas? I might just make them instead, unless anyone knows any sites/stores that have good ones?

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  • Corybergeron

    As far as we know and as far as this wiki knows, Dwemer primarily lived in Vvardenfell and some in Hammerfell.


    "There are many mysteries among the Dwemer creations left behind. Mages Guild investigators had discovered that if one of the centurion spiders was taken away from Vvardenfell, it gradually became more sluggish, eventually going into a state of torpor. Even more curious was that upon return, the spider re-activated back to normal aggressive levels, as if sensing the presence of the Dwemer ruins. Strangely, the Dwemer robots reactivated in the lands of the Redguard also."

    Does this mean we are going to be learning much more about the Dwemer we never knew before?

    And that maybe we'll actual…

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  • Corybergeron

    For a long time the Wood Elves were my least favorite race. I viewed them as weak vegetarians (nothing against vegetarians)

    Now, after reading about the races a few months ago, my view on them has not only completely changed, but they very well may be my favorite (cannibalism, shape-shifting, come on!)

    I suggest to all other people to read again about all the races, and to then see if their favorites (or least favorites) have changed.

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