As far as we know and as far as this wiki knows, Dwemer primarily lived in Vvardenfell and some in Hammerfell.


"There are many mysteries among the Dwemer creations left behind. Mages Guild investigators had discovered that if one of the centurion spiders was taken away from Vvardenfell, it gradually became more sluggish, eventually going into a state of torpor. Even more curious was that upon return, the spider re-activated back to normal aggressive levels, as if sensing the presence of the Dwemer ruins. Strangely, the Dwemer robots reactivated in the lands of the Redguard also."

Does this mean we are going to be learning much more about the Dwemer we never knew before?

And that maybe we'll actually solve some of the many Dwemer mysteries introduced in Morrowind?

If so, I thought my excitement for Skyrim couldn't get any greater, but it just did.