• Cousland of Highever

    I guess this blog can be seen as a response to Zippertrains85 brilliant points about "Why the Stormcloaks are right" Seeing as this is a response to his blog it might be more leaned towards the imperial side but I hope to make it as neutral as possible.

    And why I mostly agree with those points I have seen some disturbing statements that people claim "This side is right. Here is why. You are wrong" 

    The purpose of this is to try and explain why the statement "This is the right side to join." is flawed.

    First off... You are NOT a citizen of Tamriel (sadly, hehe) so therfore you do not know which side would benefit you or your family the most. Skyrim civil war is not ment to be a "good vs evil".

    Hopefully after reading this you will be more open …

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