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  • I live in Split,Hrvatska
  • I was born on July 7
  • My occupation is Kuhar
  • I am Muško
  • CrazyStoryTeller

    Just as the title says,what does your character look like and their history.I made this blog for roleplay's sake.

    Anyway,here is my character:

    My character is a nord male named Viktor.Before he came to Skyrim,he lived in a cottage near Bruma in Cyrodiil with his parents.His mother moved over there from Riverwood with her parents when the Great War started,that is where she met Viktor's father ,who is also nord, and five years later she married him.When Viktor was just a young boy he always wanted to cross the border and visit his mothers town.Viktor grew up in the cottage near Bruma and one day he decided to go.His mother didnt try to stop him but she was very worried beacuse of the news she heard from refugees about Stormcloak rebellion whi…

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