Just as the title says,what does your character look like and their history.I made this blog for roleplay's sake.

Anyway,here is my character:

My character is a nord male named Viktor.Before he came to Skyrim,he lived in a cottage near Bruma in Cyrodiil with his parents.His mother moved over there from Riverwood with her parents when the Great War started,that is where she met Viktor's father ,who is also nord, and five years later she married him.When Viktor was just a young boy he always wanted to cross the border and visit his mothers town.Viktor grew up in the cottage near Bruma and one day he decided to go.His mother didnt try to stop him but she was very worried beacuse of the news she heard from refugees about Stormcloak rebellion which was already in war with Imperial legion.While Viktor's father even tried to stop him by force and that is by fighting him.Viktor had a rough childhood since his father was an alchoholic and sometimes his house would get robbed by bandits which were trying to cross the border.Anyway,Viktor in the end showed his father that he can take care of himself and left the house.After he crossed the border,he got ambushed by the Imperials and then he ended up at Helgen.When Viktor escaped,he instantly went to his mothers birth town Riverwood.Few days later a courier which was also a friend of Viktor came with a inheritance letter.When Viktor opened it,he saw at least 300 gold and his mothers Silver Ruby ring was inside of the letter.The courier said that Viktor's parents got killed by bandits and that they stole his father's war axe.After that Viktor has sworn that he will find what belongs to him and that he will avenge his parents.3 years later,Viktor was already a very successful adventurer,he got married to beautiful wife Ysolda and they already had 2 kids.Life was very kind to Viktor as he has seen pretty much everything there is in Skyrim.He would even get paid just to talk about his adventures in taverns.One day Companions requested him to kill the bandit leader at Robbers Gorge,for Viktor that was not much of a problem so he accepted the mission.While he was sneaking around the camp,he saw an open chest with a lot of stuff inside.Viktor thought about searching for some valuable stuff inside since the bandit leader is gonna be dead anyways.While he was browsing through the items inside of the chest,he saw a pretty familiar object inside,it was a war axe.Not just any war axe,this one even had a letter V engraved on the bottom of the soon as Viktor saw that he remembered how he used to play with his fathers axe as a kid and even one day made his father engrave the beginning letter of Viktor's name on the same place as this one.As a matter of fact it didnt take too much for Viktor to realise that this is the missing war axe which belonged to his father.After that,Viktor,totally enraged started to kill everyone inside of the camp.Later after killing the bandits and their leader who killed Viktor's parents and stole the axe,Viktor returned to the Companions and refused the pay since he didnt want to feel like he was being paid to retrieve his fathers axe,which wasnt the mission.Later,Viktor went home and placed the axe in one of his display cases so that he never losses it again.After that Viktor finally started to enjoy his life to the fullest.