Hello! I have a habit of making new characters almost every 2 to 3 days. xD Currently im in the process of making a pure mage character as the title says it. :P

Anyways I already made a Mage build but theres some questions i have about some perks (Im on Xbox 360 so i cant test them)

This is my Build

Im not going into Enchanting because that would make me leave my robes and use heavy armor therefore investing in smithin, It would also make me enchant Fortify Destruction which would make me OP i dont want to be OP i want a challenge, XD Also I can just buy Enchanted Jewelry that will have a greater enchantment rather than a homemade enchantment for example: Ring of Magicka Regen (Homemade): 62%/Ring of Magicka Regen: 100% (Generic)

Ill also be a vampire necromage so ill have a 25% boost on anything that positively affects me.

Alchemy will be replacing Enchanting and Illusion. It will also be my main money maker.

Now the perks I need help with are...

- Dark Souls: I heard that enchanted armor/robes on your thrall negates dark souls.

- Mage Armor: Ik ill be a pure mage but then that means I cant use Dragon priest masks is it worth it?

- Ward Absorb: Is it useful?

- Conjuration Dual casting: Will it benefit me in anyway in this build?

Those are all for now.

Thanx in advance. :) Feel free to tweak my build.