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    The Scarcity of Magic

    August 2, 2012 by Croaker227

    I've been wondering about this since Oblivion, but it really became more noticeable with Skyrim: Where is all the Magic going? Players are given so many fewer spell option in Skyrim than they were in Oblivion, which had fewer than Morrowind. Is it a gameplay issue? Or is it part of the arcing storyline? If this has been covered before, somebody point me in the right direction. Otherwise, I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on this...

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  • Croaker227

    Has anyone else noticed the general decline of Tamriel? For starters (and to me the most noticeable) is the loss of variety in Magicka from game to game. I first started playing with Morrowind. That game was epic in its scope and variety of magical spells. Several were lost by the time Oblivion rolls around, and now in Skyrim we see the loss of an entire school: Mysticism. Yes, some of the spells were rolled into other schools, but not all of them. Feather, Levitate, Jump, Slowfall, Open Lock, Swift Swim, and Water Walking were lost from Alteration. Blind, Night Eye, Silence and Sound from Illusion. Mark, Recall, Reflect, Detect Enchantment, Detect Key, Dispell were lost from Mysticism. The list goes on. A MASSIVE number of Enchantment abiā€¦

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