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  • Cubears

    "Him or her" vs. "they"

    November 11, 2013 by Cubears

    There is a problem I've found with many of the articles on TESWiki. When an article refers to "the Dragonborn" multiple times in the same sentence, it makes sense to use a pronoun rather than to constantly repeat "the Dragonborn". However, which pronoun should be used? "He?" "She?" The Dragonborn may be either male or female. Since the only neuter pronoun in English is "it," and that pronoun should never be used when referring to a person, then what do you do?

    I found the first half of the first page of this document to do a good job of enumerating the issues: I think the suggestions need some work.

    The strictly correct English usage is to say, "He or she." Here is an example: "When the Dragonb…

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  • Cubears

    Avoiding the second person

    August 13, 2013 by Cubears

    It's easy to see and avoid the first person ("I went down the stairs", "He gave me the sword"). The second person is a bit harder to avoid, though. All these are examples of the use of the second person POV:

    • "When you go down the stairs, you will see an oil-covered floor and three bandits with a burning lamp above"
    • "After taking the sword, the Draugr will attack you."
    • "Head down the stairs to see an oil-covered floor and three bandits with a burning lamp above"
    • "Take the sword and the Dragur will attack."

    The first two are obvious, but the last two are not so clear. They are examples of implied second person, because they are commands. In each of them, the word "you" is implied. The following sentences have exactly the same meaning:

    • "You head dow…
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