Yeah, I'm back.

Following my block and lengthily reflection on past actions, I realize now that my behavior was below immature, arrogant and petulant. I refuted everyone's opinion, insulted whoever I pleased and thought I was above and beyond anyone else's grasp. Let it be known that I shan't commit to such vicious performances any further. As many may witness simply by contemplating my talk page and history of edits, hypocrisy fell upon me as dirt falls upon a carpet whenever I called out another user's immaturity and/or stupidity, whereas I behaved in a much similar manner.

I also offer personal apologies to GarouxBloodline, whom I branded "irrelevant" and "self-obsessed", EbonySkyrim, my demise whom I've indirectly called "spineless" and "lazy", as well as Zippertrain85, the one who rightfully reported me for accusing him of overbearing arrogance and "below the dirt beneath my working boots" simply for inquiring about my previous A Song of Ice and Fire avatar almost immediately after he created his.

I should have realized back then that these three users were simply stating an opinion, watching over an entire community rather than my own, and asking an honest question, respectively. I know I've insulted, cussed and hypocritically branded others what I was myself.

On behalf of that, I humbly apologize and promise to temperate my behavior in future dealings with fellow Wikians.

Now get the hell off my Blog.