You can tell that I like Miraak. He's a better villain than Alduin. He's the true villain Tamriel should fear.

So, this blog is going to be

Miraak vs. Alduin

This will be based off their backgrounds, and powers, etc.

First, we have Alduin. the supposed son of Akatosh. But as M'aiq says:

"Some say Alduin is Akatosh, some say M'aiq is a Liar, bet you don't believe either of those things"

Alduin is rumoured to be older than time itself, and since the first dragonborns, he has caused havoc. He is a master of the Thu'um - and can even reanimate dead dragons. His role in TES V is major. We see him in Helgen, and we never see Helgen again. Alduin is a tough foe for anyone level 1-20, but pretty easy to kill from anywhere after level 20.

Then you have Miraak, the man who could have slain Alduin, but chose a different, and more dangerous path. Serving Hermaeus Mora is an interesting choice. Mora offered him forbidden knowledge, which was to help him reappear in the 4th Era tamriel. Battling him, no matter what level you are, is a big ask. He uses a good amount of spells, a decent sword, and many dangerous shouts. His rivalry with the last Dragonborn is huge. Miraak was the first of the first. The first dragon priest to be gifted with it, and the possible first ever mortal. His Magicka level is really good.

So, I guess I am biased, since I like Miraak's backstory, but was Alduin really that good of an antagonist?

Who is a better villain, Alduin or Miraak?

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Post your thoughts below, too!