• D0S1981

    OK, so we all know by now about Elder Scrolls Online, and im sure most of us have played Skyrim (if not, then you must leave that rock you live under in Morrowind and quest to the nearest game store to purchase or Loot a copy companion optional) .

    The thing is not all of us gamers like to play Online, believe it or not some of us still prefer to play singleplayer....i know it sounds crazy, maybe even an outriht lie, but i swear its true. Now i havent played ESOnline because im not a fan of mmo's, i have and do play them, i enjoy GTA Online, and i cool little free to play called Dead Frontier. But just like reading a good novel, theres nothing i like more than becoming emmersed in my own little world, feeling like it was m…

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