OK, so we all know by now about Elder Scrolls Online, and im sure most of us have played Skyrim (if not, then you must leave that rock you live under in Morrowind and quest to the nearest game store to purchase or Loot a copy companion optional) .

The thing is not all of us gamers like to play Online, believe it or not some of us still prefer to play singleplayer....i know it sounds crazy, maybe even an outriht lie, but i swear its true. Now i havent played ESOnline because im not a fan of mmo's, i have and do play them, i enjoy GTA Online, and i cool little free to play called Dead Frontier. But just like reading a good novel, theres nothing i like more than becoming emmersed in my own little world, feeling like it was made just for me, and only me. (ive replayed GTA sinleplayer about 4 or 5 times now) 

Even though i havent layed ESO, i have watched it online to, get a taste, so to speak. and what ive seen is impressive as Sovngarde on a crisp summers morn, if they have summers, or even morns up there. So my thought is this....

....(in big boomy echoing voice) SINGLE PLAYER ELDER SCROLLS!!!!

Either a single player version all of its own, or the option to play single player within online. Imagine how much more money theyd make when all the console and pc owners that didnt buy ESO because they dont like playing mmo's, went and bought The Elder Scrolls (thats what i think it should be called by the way, they've yet to have anygames just called 'the elder scrolls, and with it encompassing practically all the places from Arena onwards, it makes sense), because with them making it exclusivly online, theyve kind of left people like me out. It looks like it can be done, and i think it would work. I mean, look at Skyrim, that was singleplayer, and it was Frakkin epic...and still is. because i guarantee, everyone that didnt buy ESO is still playing skyrim and its predecessors, waiting for the next installment in the hope it will be another brilliant singleplayer, so they can quest about tamriel and feel like they rule the place without some little chump swoopinh in and stealing the prize at the end of the dungeon after you did all the hard work clearing it of drauger, or opening the door to finally face the almighty Boss at the end of the tunnel, only to walk in and find five more people already in there bashing its skull in, which in turn means you end up being the chump that swoops in and steals the prize at the end of the dungeon, just so you feel like you got something from questing through the darn place in the first place. C'mon Bethesda!! A singleplayer version of ESO is a great way to get those heard earned septims from the pockets of al those people that didnt buy it because it wasn't singleplayer, and make us all feel like you actually give a hoot about us. If Rockstar can overhaul GTA V for the 8th gen consoles likethey did, then i'm sure you can step up the game by making two version of the same game, one online, and one single player, you could even scale back the 8th gen graphics a bit to skyrim standards (which are still pretty good) for those that still nly have their 7th gen Ps3 and 360's so it fits on the computer, and it would probably still be as great. In fact here, take these septims i pickpocketed from Cicero earlier while he was too busy waxing his mothers coffin to notice, abd send me my copy right dragon if you have too. who's with me...I SAID WHO'S WITH ME!!!