Basically for the longest I wondered if anyone counted the steps to the TOTW I looked on the wiki and it doesnt seem like anyone has. So I decided to do it earlier today. Now this is nowhere near fact and other people might get diffrent results but I just wanted to post what I got. (*Note its supposed to be 7000 steps.)

Also as most of you know that actual stone steps are far and few beetween the higher you get up the mountain so I actually counted individual walking steps.(I walked up the mountain as its easier to count along rather than running atleast for me.)So each step forward counts(counted)as one step, and also didn't examine the tablets. Also I encountered two Frost trolls which knoced me back abit but I attempted to get back on my original spot to continue counting. Once again this is just my experience and Id actually like for someone else to do this also so we can atleast get a rough estimate on how many steps it takes to get to the TOTW.(Also I talk steps back when entering High Hrothgar and exiting it as to be closer to the door as if I really just walked in since when you go through and door you are a few steps in front of it.)

Overall:Roughly 4000 Steps. At step 3197 I was just close enough to talk to Paarthurnax. And step 4012 I was touching the world wall(practically kissing it.)

At step 1982 I was at the Food Chest before you enter high Hrothgar. And step 2013 was directectly in front of the door to High Hrothgar. Step 2086 was directley in front of the door to the Hrothgar courtyard. And step 2300 was just a few steps before the wooden bridge(as you are closer to the TOTW past the High Hrothgar courtyard.)

So theres are the number's I got doing what I did.Not quite 7000 but it doesn't take away from my experience.

Any questions just ask, and if anyone has attempted this please post your results.