aka John Lennon

  • I live in Riverwood, Skyrim.
  • I was born on October 9
  • My occupation is Dragon Born
  • I am Male

    How can they.

    1.) Some guns could be lore frendly, like a classic pistol or a rifle made from dwarven metal and wood

    2.) The gun could be one of the Dwarven inventions, it's very possibe that they could have made guns before, if they could make giant robots why not guns!

    3.) Lets just face it guns are cool and that's why I want them in The Elder Scrolls, who did'nt want to just shoot a cow or Aldren in the face once and a while.

    How cant they.

    1.) Some guns cant be lore frendly, like a minigun or a uzi. The know-how to create these where way ahead of any races tecnology, even the Dwarvs!

    2.) They can't to be too easy to get, like in real life it takes a skilled craftsman to make any gun. if guns where going to be added to any Elder Scroll game s…

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