As I am looking at the in game map, I realize that Bethesda put some time and effort into creating a distinct set of icons to represent the different types of locations represented on the map. Has anyone pulled the icon images from the game or started a page that lists each icon and which type of location it represents? Most are readily apparent, each major city is marked by its shield/crest, smaller towns use the "inn" symbol. Some are not so easily identified. Here is a partial list:

  • Shield = major city/ capital city
  • Inn = town
  • Bear paw print = Stormcloak camp
  • Mammoth = giant camp
  • Rook (single tower) = fort or watch tower
  • Crossed pickaxe/ hammer = mine
  • Windmill = farm
  • Standing stone = standing stone
  • Dragon head = dragon
  • Horseshoe = stable

For ruins/ ancient hold there seems to be 2 distinct icon:

  • Upside down trident
  • The dome looking one

Thoughts on what these represent?