It seems like every wiki goes through this process at some point. And we (TES wiki contributors) are at that point now. As the wiki grows and more folks flock to it to help add information, pages become jumbled, information is left lying around and misplaced. In oeder to help improve the wiki as during this growing spurt, it is imperative that contributors, large or small, all agree to work towards improvement. This is accomplished in part by ALL contributors using an aggreed upon standardized page layout for each category, or has it may be referred to: a page preload. What this does is ensures that ALL pages within a given category have an identical layout. This layout is improtant to ensures editors place the information in theproper location, but more improtantly ensures that visitors can find the information they are looking for quickly and without having to wade through a wall of bad text.

With that said. Please join us in improving the wiki. Several folks have been working hard behind the scenes to add preloads, layout standards, multiple templates, etc to make this one of the best wikis on the net. With the sheer volume of information, it is only possible with the help of everyone to ensure the layout and guidelines are being followed.

To get started check out a few key pages:

There are multiple templates for use, if you are not sure which one to you can always drop a message on irc or a talk page. Feel free to comment here or drop me a line on my talk page. --DLanyon (talk) 12:39, December 13, 2011 (UTC)