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    January 24, 2011 by DOVahKiiN

    Alduin (also known as World Eater) is the Nordic god of creation and the apocalypse. Much like the Cyrodillic god Akatosh and the Altmeri god Auriel, Alduin takes the avatar of a Dragon and is commonly believed by the Nords to consume the world a little bit at a time. A little known fact about Aldiun is that he is Akatosh and Auriel, the three gods are the same being, however each of the races have different beliefs about his funtions in Mundus. The Nordic people dispise Alduin because he was recognized first by the Altmer whom the Nords have had extensive conflict with throughout the history of Tamriel and through years of conflict the idea of a dragon god was brought into Nordic culture through assimilation. In the prophetic Elder Scroll…

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