aka William

  • I live in Oblivion
  • I was born on February 10
  • My occupation is non existing
  • I am Sauron
  • DaedricLordSauron

    With  my possible leaving forever, I have decided to give away my belongings to the following people:

    1.) Sten gets his Report-Cube back

    2.) Snowy gets my pirate ship

    3.) Nuka gets my turtle

    4.) Zipper gets my 1799 train set

    5.) MoS gets my grill

    6.) Scholar gets a fancy suit

    7.) LTT gets MLP...stuff

    8.) Mr.Howells gets a pair of leather boots

    9.) Brandon gets a stress ball

    10.) Sienna gets my 1689 Piano

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  • DaedricLordSauron

    The War of Blood

    Once, Tamriel was filled to the brim with Orcs. Also at that time, certain Vampires had discovered how to gain someone’s skills by drinking their blood. Wanting to be the best warriors in Tamriel, the vampires waged war on the Orcs after they refused to hand over blood voluntarily.

                The battle, called the War of Blood, lasted a total of seventy years. The Orc population in Tamriel was greatly decreased, many dead or had fled to get away from the war. In the end, the Orcs won the battle, forcing the vampires out of Tamriel, for the time being.

                Today, you can still see fortresses built by the Orcs to defend themselves, many taken over by bandits or still inhabited by Orcs.

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  • DaedricLordSauron

    The Atbal of Molagnium

                In the old days, The Old Gods walked away freely from their planes of Oblivion. All races respected the Daedra, except one. The Elves, especially the Order of Atbal, dispised the Daedra, and doubted their rights to be outside of Oblivion. Only a few brief moments had occurred where The Order ever retaliated against the Daedra princes. On the second Middas of Frostfall, the Atbal devised a plan to remove the Daedric Lords from Tamriel once and for all.

                The plan would have been simple, had it gone accordingly. The Atbal would bring all of the Daedra to the northern cost of Skyrim. Once all were present, the Elves would combine their magic and banish all Daedra to their planes of Oblivion. Unfortun…

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  • DaedricLordSauron

    Blog Post 1

    March 27, 2014 by DaedricLordSauron

    So, I learned when fighting wolves, you can apparently get a disease from them. And yes, I did learn this the hard way. 

    As usual, I was exploring, looking for shipwrecks, bandit camps, caves, etc. It was just a normal day, and a pack of the not-so-dreaded Ice Wolf shows up to join the 'party'. I easily defeat them, untill there is only one wolf left.

    This is when I learned to carry Potions of Cure Disease with you on adventures.

    Long story short, wolves can give you Rockjoint. Carry Potions of Cure Disease on you.

    KnightlyUmbreon (AKA KU, William, amd sometimes Sir Knightly)

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  • DaedricLordSauron

    So, I just saw that I didn't have any blog posts, so I decided to make one! Now, I know what you're thinking: Whoopty-Freaking-Doo, another person with no life making a blog on a Elder Scrolls Wikia (NEEEERD!). Well, I have more than just a 'blog post'. I have cats.

    Cats in jeans.

    You're welcome,

    Wait, am I supposed to write something here? 00:12, March 27, 2014 (UTC)

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