• Daestar

    Crusader's Journal

    August 2, 2013 by Daestar

    This blog post... Blog... Thing... Is similar to the Journal of a Mage I made a few years back and I will try to link here: Here . This new character will be a crusader and a good person. Also they're in Skyrim this time. His basic rules are as follows.

    Race: Breton

    Skills:Heavy Armor






    If I die I stay dead.

    Following the laws and trying to do good deeds.

    Ignore the tutorial. It happened. Trust me.

    Avoid fast travel.

    Only looting really valuable stuff when it comes to things to sell (Enchanted items, gems, rare books etc.)

    I have finished my preparations in Solitude and am now ready to go and change the world. At least a little. Enough. I suppose helping people is the better wording. I could have chosen …

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  • Daestar

    Journal of the Mage

    June 27, 2010 by Daestar

    Well, I spent some time going back and forth about it, but why not? I've decided to start up my first blog thinger here and see if this is a good use for it or not. This is my first blog where I'm going to be experimenting with my own journal-y recording of my character's progress that I start today. Let's do this!
    So here's the basic info:

    • A Mage
    • An Imperial
    • Born under The Shadow

    I'm going to go under some rules during my gameplay chronicles:

    1. I'm not just going to state what happens unless I'm in a bad mood that day and just want to blow stuff up, (Main reason to be a mage)
    2. If I die I stay dead, no coming back to prolong this
    3. If I kill myself by falling I won't tell you and will reload
    4. Explosions are good
    5. Crime is bad
    6. I am leaving the sewers with so…

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