This blog post... Blog... Thing... Is similar to the Journal of a Mage I made a few years back and I will try to link here: Here . This new character will be a crusader and a good person. Also they're in Skyrim this time. His basic rules are as follows.

Race: Breton

Skills:Heavy Armor






If I die I stay dead.

Following the laws and trying to do good deeds.

Ignore the tutorial. It happened. Trust me.

Avoid fast travel.

Only looting really valuable stuff when it comes to things to sell (Enchanted items, gems, rare books etc.)

Crusader's Journal

Day 1:

I have finished my preparations in Solitude and am now ready to go and change the world. At least a little. Enough. I suppose helping people is the better wording. I could have chosen a better day, seeing as the execution happened today, but at least as the people were leaving the executioner  gave me my first job. Killing some criminal. Probably more than just one though, and it's in the middle of seemingly nowhere . Then again, I'm sure there will be plenty of adventure along the way too. If not, then I just won't write about it. Simple as that I suppose. Hunting criminals seems to help the world, so I don't feel too bad about my first good act to be helping an executioner with his job.

So I found a ship  which questionably counted as adventure. I don't know if the crew attacked me on sight for being on their ship or because they were pirates. The ship itself had good loot though, but one thing in particular got my attention. There was a sort of pink floating gem  in the first mate's quarters which I found. It seemed different from most other gems for some reason. Probably because it was floating. Then I realized that I am catching on to the secret of success. It's just a matter of concentration.

I then realized I was going down the wrong path when I went to the wrong grotto  and got attacked by horkers instead of bandits. I was disappointed. At least I got to mark the lighthouse on my map on my way back. Upon arriving to the right grotto I saw a live campfire. I'm not sure if it was made by the bandits or if this means other people have been here.

Upon entering the grotto I was attacked by bandits and saw no sign of anyone else, so I guess that solves that. I killed the leader and found a journal in his room that connects him and Jaree-Ra , an argonian I've seen suspiciously hanging around Solitude, in a sort of pirate operation. It also mentioned a stash of treasure from that operation which I then picked through. I'll keep an eye on Jaree-Ra, but the journal doesn't actually say anything exact enough to get him into any trouble. I'll just hope I've thrown enough of a wrench into his operation for now. I've done things the hard way. But without taking risks, taking responsibility for failure... how could I have understood?

Nothing much happened on the return trip. I fought a horker. Found out the other grotto with horkers in it was on the way if I didn't loop back and travel along the cliffs. I'll be sure to remember that for any other time I need to throw wrenches at Jaree-Ra. Ahtar gave me a whole 500 gold for killing a bunch of guys. That means all in all I made a couple thousand gold off this entire adventure. I used it to then buy steel armor from the smith. It's still around the afternoon so I think I'll venture out from Solitude to find more adventure for the rest of the day.

The sun was setting as I came across a shack with a dead nord in it. He won't be using his bed anymore so I shall rest here for the night. The journey here involved me coming across a sawmill near the Solitude stables then swimming toward the shape of the shack in the distance. I fought a mudcrab. Nothing else much happened. The mudcrab was carrying a garnet around though, interestingly enough. Before settling in I just found a journal saying the nord died of rockjoint, and his companion Meeko may still be out there somewhere. It also says Meeko can take care of himself, so I'll try not to worry on it too much.

Day 2

Today I shall start my journey leaving this shack by following the path out front. Seeing as I came here from the river, I would hope the path will lead somewhere new. As I started leaving though, a dog came running toward me and started barking like mad. I guess this is the Meeko that the journal was talking about. He seems to want to follow me, and I suppose it couldn't hurt. The dead nord did highly recommend him after all.

Following the road further into a colder region of Skyrim, I came across a fort  along the edge of the snow. I also saw a person walking up to the fort seemingly oblivious to the dangers of doing such a thing. I ran up to try to stop them, only to find they were a necromancer and the fort is overrun with necromancers and the undead. I have killed the guards on watch around the fort, and will now head inside. Meeko has been a heroic companion already, attacking some skeletons who had bows while I battled the necromancers at close range.

Everything I do is just a bit easier, more instinctive, more satisfying. It is as though I have suddenly developed keen senses and instincts. The necromancers were pretty densely in the fort, so the waves as soon as we entered the fort held a good challenge. I came out of it feeling more powerful, and we were largely uninjured. Well, Meeko was largely uninjured, while I was casting healing over myself soon afterward. The necromancers had a good supply of potions as the best loot in the place, and also a note saying how they kicked out the bandits in the fort and have been using the road for test subjects. I would have higher hopes for having stopped them, but as I left more necromancers came down the road and attacked me, so there's probably still some stragglers out collecting subjects. Given the pull of necromancy, I wouldn't be surprised if they slowly gathered more followers to replace those I killed. I have to keep trying though, because stopping the dark forces that prey on the people of Skyrim is the way I have been trained to leave my impact on the world. I see the swamp off in the distance which signifies Morthal, and so I shall try to make it there before nightfall, assuming I don't run into any other forts or grottos as I have so far.

Along the road I ran into a dark elf fighting off spiders with magic and almost marked him as another necromancer, but he was actually friendly enough. He was on his way to the Shrine of Azura , and I was hardly going to just kill a man in the middle of the road, daedra worshiper or no. I then arrived at Morthal around midday, much earlier than I expected. The dense woods around it had kept me from being able to tell how far away it was from the fort, but I'm glad for the rest for a bit. I'll try to sell the things I took from the fort and see what time of day it is to plan my next move.

There isn't many shopkeepers in Morthal it seems, just the alchemy shop and the mage named Falion. Seeing as the fort was filled with necromancers, that worked out well enough to get rid of the loot, and Falion also sold me new, stronger destruction spells. Everyone seems on edge in this town, especially about Falion, but I can't seem to get much about it. The innkeeper did give me a job to kill bandits at a camp to the south-west, so I suppose that's my next destination.

I passed a few people in a group on the road. They say they were headed for Solitude to go to a wedding, but since they were going towards Morthal I don't know if I should not trust them or just guess they're very lost.

I decided to leave the road at a convenient hill that seemed to go in the camp's direction, and while heading that way Meeko and I came across a Nordic ruin . These places are usually inhabited with either the undead or graverobbers, neither of which are exactly the most honourable of individuals. The undead might actually have more. So with that in mind I decided it could be a good chance to better myself, and while I'm not exactly thrilled about looking through a burial ground for treasure, I will keep an eye out. Might as well if I'm doing all the work to make it safe for anyone else who would find it. Kind of hoping for graverobbers. For poor Meeko's sake. I know I wouldn't want to be biting the undead.

This place not only has draugr in it, it also has spiders, so it isn't exactly Meeko's lucky day. We've fought through the various opponents so far, and have found a sort of magically sealed door. It's possible that it's connected to the ghost I've caught glimpses of walking around this place. Also probably unrelated to the guillotine trap with about fifteen blades all swinging at once. Important to note anyway. There's still more ways to go but this is important enough to stop and note, in case anything should happen the door and this place are properly recorded.

After some more exploration into the ruin we found the ghost sitting by his corpse, his corpse clutching a book to its chest. When I took the book he went to the door that was sealed and opened it for us. I don't know what's through it, but if it's more difficult a fight than this ruin so far, then it would probably be best I record what's happened.

I've learned a lot about Skyrim... and about myself. It's hard to believe how ignorant I was, but now I have so much more to learn. I just helped re-kill King Olaf. Other draugr too. There was an entire swarm of draugr, but in the end the three of us stood victorious. The ghost was still a ghost however, and he soon disappeared. He seemed happy enough to have finally won his revenge. I didn't consider I'd be helping two undead settle a long fight when entering this place, but that seems to be what happened. Unfortunately, it's now evening and I have no bed to sleep in, so I'm going to have to find one then leave my job for tomorrow. I'm also left with what to do with the ornate dragon claw and book of song I got from here. Well the camp is now within a good distance and probably has beds, and those beds will probably be more open than the bed of the crabber whose shack I came across. Looks like I'm attacking the camp at night now. I don't know if that would be when more or less bandits would be there, but I'll be content with however many I find.

I didn't keep track of how many bandits there were. I realized partway through hunting down any stragglers I should have been counting. Then I could reminisce about it later when reading through this journal. Ah well, it was a respectable amount of bandits. I used a tactic they probably weren't expecting, jumping over their wall from the cliffs and slashing my way to the leader. None of them really wanted to get close after that. Unfortunately, I didn't open the gate for Meeko on my way in, so he only really got to help with one guy. Maybe I should try being more straightforward about it and just try to overpower them through force of will and force of force. The bandit leader's living area has a trapdoor locked with a key she had on her, so I think after some well earned rest I'll go see what's down there and then travel back to Morthal.

Day 3:

The cave under the trapdoor was empty, save for some mushrooms and a journal that then directed me to an island down the river from the camp, where I then found a locked chest that opened to the same key. It was largely unremarkable. There's a cave in the mountains on the way back to Morthal, so I'll try to clear out whatever unruly creatures may be there on my way. I might not be able to get to it though, which would be a shame. Also it would give me a bit more respect for the unknown inhabitants' forethought.

It took some doing, but I did make it to the cave. The outside is decorated with warnings made of charred and mutilated corpses. I hold less respect for this forethought. It also makes me a bit more cautious, since whatever lives within will be intelligent enough to have set this up. Unless it was coincidence and someone else entirely set up the warning, but that seems unlikely.

It was bandits. Must have been pretty creative bandits, or at least the mage was, seeing as all the corpses were pretty burned up. They also had a pretty impressive selection of magic weapons. Of course they were all iron, so that's not all that helpful, but they should sell well. I also found a Staff of Sparks, which should keep me from having to decide between healing or damage use for my magicka for a while.

That staff lasted me about two spiders. Ah well, it was a nice thought. I found a new cave with said spiders outside with a dead Khajiit at the entrance. I am amazed that fighting them has been the hardest part of my day so far. I'm inclined to blame the staff though, so it's probably a good thing it's all used up now. I resolve to keep pushing myself. Perhaps there's more to me than I thought.

The cave seemed largely unremarkable. There was a handful of spiders and I lost track of Meeko for a little, but we both fought through successfully. There was a chest that held the real mystery of this cave though. Inside I found void salts which seemed different somehow than other void salts. It's like the feel I have about when a book is rare, but with an alchemy ingredient this time. I don't know what this means, but it must be important.

I arrived back in Morthal and got my payment from the steward. He told me that the feeling of uneasiness in town is a combination of news coming in and mysterious sounds in the swamp, and everything will be alright. I can't really do anything to try to stop those things, so I'll have to take his word for it. My inability to find any shopkeepers in Morthal other than the alchemist and Falion is starting to be inconvenient, so I think I shall move on and continue along the path I was following north, to Dawnstar.

I'm trying to hurry on my way to Dawnstar and then clear out more of the areas I'm going past on my return trip when I plan to go to Whiterun to deliver a letter I was asked to for I woman named Idgrod in Morthal. I did stop at the mining town of Stonehills and mined up some ore and took some ingots while I was there. The owner said it was okay, so long as I deliver a letter up to Solitude for him. It feels good to have a good supply of ingots now, since I've been just gathering whatever I could from the areas I've been clearing so far. I do think there will have to be a bit of planning around how to get to Solitude and then Whiterun, seeing as I had a lot of cross country walking to get to Morthal from Solitude. Looking at my map it seems easiest to just go west from Dawnstar and then find my way to Whiterun after that. My plan of clearing things on my return trip now seems less useful. Still, hurrying seems a good option right now, especially when weighed down by ingots. Interestingly, while considering my decisions and walking down the road, I spotted some bandits attacking a conjurer. Meeko and I hopped into the fray and were then the victors. Of all those that died in the fight, I feel the conjurer's horse probably was the least deserving.

I am far too much of an inquisitive spirit to just rush past these ruins. I went to a dwarven ruin and have found already a good supply of bandits ready to fight me off. Catching them at a choke point and launching them back at each other with fireballs was probably the high point of entertainment for my day so far. I then found a note saying these bandits were hired by one Maluril Ferano. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for him in the future so I can see what he has to say for himself. I suppose he didn't hire them to murder people though. Collecting dwemer artifacts isn't the worst thing I've heard bandits hired for. I shall now be heading in and see if I can do a better job than the bandits at their job. The collecting artifacts part. Although I suppose I'll be killing people too if more are inside. I wouldn't say I do that quite the same as bandits though. Or I would be. There's so much snow and wind and cloud coverage I can't actually see the entrance in this maze of a dwemer entrance area. I did however find a bed roll, so I will go to plan B of sleeping this snow out and then searching for the entrance.