Well, I spent some time going back and forth about it, but why not? I've decided to start up my first blog thinger here and see if this is a good use for it or not. This is my first blog where I'm going to be experimenting with my own journal-y recording of my character's progress that I start today. Let's do this!
So here's the basic info:

I'm going to go under some rules during my gameplay chronicles:

  1. I'm not just going to state what happens unless I'm in a bad mood that day and just want to blow stuff up, (Main reason to be a mage)
  2. If I die I stay dead, no coming back to prolong this
  3. If I kill myself by falling I won't tell you and will reload
  4. Explosions are good
  5. Crime is bad
  6. I am leaving the sewers with some fine loot and am simply going to role-play it never happened because really, no one wants to hear the tutorial blabbed on
  7. I'll not become a Vampire's too much hassle to have to make these fulfilling days and then sleep or stay in the darkness half of them.
  8. I will try usually not simply ramble on about how much I feel like I'm unoriginal
  9. I will give previews of the dungeons and not simply give away all the answers to puzzles, just give a summary.
    Feel free to post anything you people want, and please....bear with me

The Journal

Day 1

Well, today is the day I leave Bravil and wander around for some reason or another. I'm still not sure my purpose, but with some fine magic I'm sure to be ready for anything. I sold some of my supplies that I didn't need at the Fair Deal and finally walked through those gates, head and flaming fingertips held high. Boy it's hard to walk and write this stuff down at the same time! I had heard stories of the old ruins to the west, Anutwyll, being a fine place to go when leaving Bravil. Almost as soon as I arrived I was assaulted by a fire ball coming from a grey thing on wings, of course, fighting fire with fire is a rather simple task. A step inside and the whole room shook with Ayleid traps going off from more of the impish creatures, this would be beyond dangerous. I was smart to keep my lockpicks because some long dead elf had made a door in my way too difficult to open with a wriggle of my fingers, and I used up more than half of my picks! This place had better be well worth the trouble. The air in this place is almost the worst of it all, the stench of the imp creatures and the traps activated with poison are enough to make an orc notice. Success! After finding a secret chamber a glowing white shard was revealed to me, surely magic in nature and quite valuable. Ugh...curse these elves three times over, I was trapped in a small area with gas being shot down my lungs, only through some frantic potion drinking did I survive this place so far. Then I found that the trap I had sprung had no room beyond it, except for the sparkling shard and some gold I had gained little from this whole experience! I decided to head back to the swamp town, head lowered, to sell what little I found and maybe to see if A Warlock's Luck had anything new for me to cast in a frenzy for my next adventure.

Day 2

Well, yesterday was mostly a waste, I felt, so I decided to commit to actually using up the day today, let's go out and magic some adventure! Leaving Bravil at 6:30 AM I left for the two forts that the shopkeeper of The Warlock's Luck told me about yesterday while I was shopping. I shot a wolf from afar with a well aimed fireball, but had to shock a nice seeming bandit along the road, I thought she was a hunter who had killed a deer! At least her things will be worth some money and it won't be illegal. I then went off the road because I saw something in the woods, turns out this guy named Fathis Aren has his own tower! I would ask him about it, but the door was locked, so I couldn't get in. I then found this camp north of some ruins, so I wouldn't need to sleep at Silverhome-On-The-Water every night. I then headed to those same ruins, although since one of the ruins I was sent to was locked down, I didn't have high hopes for Bawn. However, so far it isn't disappointing, I already found a fine ring to wear, and aside from some rat bites and a frenzied skeleton, these ruins haven't been too rough. Using my new Telekinesis spell I even have been picking a few lights off their stands. These are strange stone lights, they seem like magic in a crystal. The scattered skeleton and rat have mostly not paid attention until I have sent a fireball in their backs, so these ruins aren't too difficult. I entered the next room of these ruins to find a large cage I couldn't raise on my own, but knowing the elves the little I do, there's a way to lift it.In fact, in the next room there was a button to lift the cage to reveal another glowing shard, which I now know as a varla stone. I refuse to stop at this though, and I'm continuing to explore these tunnels. The first room locked me out, so I went around a corner and found my way back to Bawn's main chamber. I then fell a short fall and found a door back outside. I then realized it was midday, so I decided to return to the Bawnwatch Camp to the north to write down my account for today. I have now come to a crossroad of whether I should return to Bravil in my time left or continue south to find more adventure, as I vowed I would do earlier today. After meditating for a short while, I came to the decision to continue south to find more treasure and creatures. I opened my uncompleted map of Cyrodiil and marked a spot in the land where it juts into the river. After leaving camp and reaching the road I managed to hit a deer with Flare. While trying to hit another one, I noticed a fort in the distance. I then found Fort Nomore, which probably fell due to the feeling the name brings to anyone stationed there. It seems like it's a custom for all these ruins to have winged devils pelting me with spells before I even enter a door. I am finding dead bandits along with a large population of imps. They seem to be using group tactics by causing me to attack one “the bait” and then be assaulted by another one in a dark corner. Whoever made this fort clearly wasn't understanding that a fort should be well defended, and made obvious levers to open the gates. The difficulty of the locks here are mixed between easy for a rogue and openable for a lesser mage. I have found a new outfit that holds antivenom in it, so I feel that I have found enough treasure for today, and will try to find a bed to sleep in in my travels south, to Leyawiin. There, I finally decided to see the port city of Leyawiin. My only hope is that my magicka doesn't run out before I find a bed, as I have had to use very basic spells while it has run low this whole time. I heard a strange chanting, so I have decided to head south near it. I found a bunch of people in funny hats surrounding a statue of the Madgod, and decided to investigate. A strange dog Arginian told me to speak with the most clothed of the group, and they informed me of how to summon Sheogorath to the shrine. He told me of a number of things needed to summon the great Insane One, but I had none of them, so I made a mental note, and continued on my travels. I made it to my mark and have found Fort Redman and a camp nearby, so I decided to head to the camp and check for a bed. I arrived at Fisherman's Rock ready for bandits to attack, as they usually have these camps guarded, but no one was there, so I just settled down and will sleep until tomorrow.

Day 3

I woke up and left the tent to find a bandit that pulled out a battleaxe, but thankfully, they weren't attacking me, they had seen something in the bushes, I'm leaving immediately. I heard the tell tale chanting of a daedric cult, so I went toward it and found the shrine to the Night Mistress. I was told by a rather offensive orc that I should approach the shrine, but I was informed by a sort of safety lock on the shrine that I was not yet experienced enough to perform her errands. So of course I'm continuing to go south, I arrived in the settlement of Blankenmarch, and am now informed of two cities, Anvil and Imperial City, that the settlers recommend. I harvested some flowers and crops from the settlement to use later when I buy myself some alchemist supplies, and continued south....again. Leyawiin is so close it's on the horizon now. Well, it would be if there weren't so many cursed trees! I was chasing a deer, and the walls have broken through the trees, my feeling of triumph is immense! I'm already amazed at the buildings and architecture, in Bravil, stone was mostly for the walls and the castle, but here, every house has stone! I wish I had the money to live in such a glorious place, but I doubt that a hundred gold is enough for a house anywhere, maybe when I get more treasure. I have found a store called “Best Goods and Guarantees,” and since I already got one of the two, I figured I'd give it a look. While I multiplied my gold many times over, I couldn't buy alchimical supplies there, so I looked around outside. After being unsuccessful at the local stores, I decided to stop by the Mage's Guild and see if they had an alchemist. While they did have an alchemist, he didn't sell me supplies, however a nice dark elf nearby did sell me a mortar and pestle and a calcinator. I mixed up some awful tasting potions and sold them to the same lady. I wandered the guild a bit more and found that their beds are so nice, I simply needed to join for the benefits. So I did, and then I took a nearby Alembic, and went to bed.

Day 4

Ah, bright and early. I suppose if I wish to buy a house in Leyawiin someday I may as well get some work. I doubt however that the Mage's Guild would hand me five thousand gold from good will, so I should probably ask around town. Perhaps I'm too early, there isn't anyone outside at this time of the day. Ah well, I'm sure someone will turn up, and if not I can always ask the guards about any problems in town. Speaking of guards, there's one turning the corner right now! Well, that worked better than I expected, he told me some orc wants to be a knight, or is a knight, and to talk to the Count. That sounds adventurous enough for me! I actually saw this Mazoga on my way in, all she did was yell at me to go away, which I did, but not because she told me to. While there I also asked the Count about buying a house, it would cost seven thousand gold! I just hope he pays well for this work. Speaking of which, he wants me to talk to Mazoga, which I did, and find out why she is there, which I couldn't because she essentially spat in my face and yelled me away. But I left because I wanted to, not because she said to. Alright then, let's try talking to this excuse of a knight so I can get my name known as something other than that one Imperial who almost blew up half of Bravil. Oh, the Count sent me and suddenly she talks to me! I can't believe how rude people are in this day and era! She asked me to call her sir, which made very little sense, so I didn't and she walked away in a huff. So now she has me doing her errands for her, talking to some Argonian about a thing. Why did I ever need to talk to Daedra when I can just have people boss me around? I'm not in a good mood today, probably just the price of that house crushing my hopes and dreams. Well, let's ask this guard where to find this Argonian and hurry this up. After wandering into several houses, I finally found Weebam-Na, and look at that! I need to do some errand or another for him before he'll help me with this one! I threw him about a hundred gold, and he finally came with me. Not that he came with me any faster than if he were walking to the market. Even then, going to the market would probably cause him to run at the prospect of new food. So, after the Argonian ambled to the castle, Mazoga ordered him around like the rude green harpy she is, and basically asked for directions to the camp I slept in two days ago! She could have just asked me! I had it on my map the whole time, I have the route practically memorized, but I suppose she wouldn't trust anyone but a scaly hunter who rants about rats all day, so it's for the best I suppose. So now I understand why the bandit was there yesterday, he must have been waiting for Mazoga to come talk to him, so now I can lead her there, and I'll probably be allowed to sleep there whenever, or maybe even be paid, or I might get a rare gem! Only those last two really appeal to me, since the beds in the Mage's Guild are much more comfortable than a bedroll. I sure hope not all orcs are as rude as the ones I've run into at the shrine of the Watching Shadow and Mazoga. Mazoga is talking with her friend now, so I'm just sitting on a rock waiting for her to fin Alright then, Mazoga hated the bandits and got in a big fight, which I ended with a couple Frost Touches. Now I need to head back to the Count for my reward for helping an orc find....violence. The road here was as monotonous as it was before, but before I had the dream of reaching Leyawiin, and a couple wolves, to keep my thoughts working, now I just got to jog to a town in the rain. Well, my reward is the chance to become a knight, if I do another thing, I didn't even get a reward for helping that miserable companion of an orc! So, since I don't know this Black Brugo, Mazoga is coming with to help me find him. Why can't I be given someone that's a better partner? Maybe a Storm Atronach with Greenspore, anyone but Mazoga! Oh well, once this is all done we'll just be co-knights of the White Stallion. I'm sure that will give me a good title to tell people about while I gossip for work. I reached the ruins of Telepe at 3:00 with Mazoga, but Black Brugo isn't here yet, I can see a settlement nearby, so I'm going to head over there to stay the night. Turns out the settlement was just a Lodge for Knights of the White Stallions, and so I decided to simply sleep out on the porch and hope no one will notice.

Day 5

Mazoga kicked me up from my poor excuse for sleep at one in the morning, so that we can sneak up on Brugo while he's getting stuff from his Bandits. Only when I ran back to the ruins did she ask me what the day was, Fredas, and then say he's only there on Middas. My sleep has been ruined, so I suppose I should at least try to find him nearby. I'm going into the ruins, but Mazoga should stand guard while I'm in there. I went into a room when I heard voices, and lo and behold, there was Black Brugo having a cup of tea with some pals. I then killed him, taking some of their nice bows and left to tell Mazoga. She walked off with the news, no congratulations, no real emotion about it, she just left. I at least feel happy that's the last of me having to deal with her company. I settled down in a bedroll until morning and am all set to head to Leyawiin, town on the shores. I took a shortcut through the stables, and I think these horses are wonderful, maybe I should see about making my running a thing of the past later. Coming to the city just before seven in the morning, I doubt the count will be in, so I decided to head over to the Mage's Guild to get some spells and equipment. Wandering around enough to find the Guild was a challenge, but I think I'm getting better at navigating Leyawiin now that I've been here three times. I took a steel dagger off a table, not because I need it, but because blades look nice at my side. I bought some new spells, including a new lock opening spell which will help me in dungeons so I don't need to fumble with lockpicks. I heard a rumor on my way into the hall of some Rosen Gall's house smelling strange and sounding like animals were in it, I'll probably check it out after I speak with the Count. I came at a good time, because the Count was just sitting down as I came in. He gave me some gold, a shield, and a key. I now have my own Lodge, sort of. Mazoga is in it too, but to me it's my own lodge. Plus I can kill those bandits and sell their bows to the Count, sounds like fun, easy money. I won't wear the shield, but it shouldn't be sold, I'll keep it in the lodge until I have a house to store my trophies in. I sold some things I picked up recently at Best Goods and Guarantees, and I am headed to the Lodge to see the status of it. On my way out of town to the lodge, I was approached by a guard who needed my help dealing with skooma dealers, so as a new knight I felt obliged to help him kill these criminals. For such slippery criminals all they did was whip out swords and get beaten by a few frost touches. I took their stuff and told the guard of my success. I made it to the lodge with no problems and all in all, it's not a bad place. I left my shield on top of a box to replace an iron mace that had been put there before. As I stepped outside from the lodge, an arrow shot straight past my head into the door frame next to me. I looked to see who had shot it but couldn't see anyone nearby, so I turned to the arrow instead for answers. Pulling it from the frame was impossible, there was too much strength behind the shot, but there was a note attached, from Fin Gleam III, who had noticed my acts against the Black Bows, and recommended I head to Rockmilk Cave where he had been attacked by some himself, but hadn't the time to fully investigate. Since my whole day was going to be spent going to the lodge and settling in, it seemed adventurous enough for me. The note included directions to the cave, so I need to head to Water's Edge, up the road. It was a short run to the settlement of Water's Edge, and the cave is close by, so after taking some crops I headed there. The bandit influence is easy to see even from the entrance, the tents and broken crates suggest that people are here, and typically, people in caves aren't on the nice side of the law, or my fire. The cave seems to be unstable, but well populated, for when I entered a cave-in crushed one bandit, and I had to fight off two others. The bandits are very clustered together, it's a shame that none of my spells can hit in a large area. It seems some marauders were trying to fight the bandits over this cave, since there are bodies of both sides in some of the rooms. I entered a room with lots of marauders and bandits fighting each other, and I even got caught up in it, the arrow and axe wounds seem pretty serious, so I'm going to sleep in one of the bandit's beds in the tent nearby. As I entered I met this dog, his name is Pumpkin, he's an adorable little puppy. I settled down in the bedroll to sleep until morning.

Day 6

I realize that all my life I have been coasting along as if I were in a dream. Suddenly, facing the trials of the last few days, I have become alive.

Shortly after levelling up and writing this I made an Xbox Live account and had to delete my old memory (in the interest of space) maybe I'll make another character to do this once I'm done playing through again to get the achievements, like I did with this, although it will take two playthroughs, becuase my Thieve's Guild questline glitched again. I thought of making it the history of a heroic Knight or Warrior, and make it seem like more of a follower or historian or fan's view of what he has done.